Understanding Entropy

To understand the concept of “entropy” is important to understand the concept of “numberwise” and time.

The first video is a classical “scientific like ” explanation.
Note that the issues found on the second law (entropy) are mentioned as well as pointing out that the idea of going “back in time is ridiculous.” (illusion)

However, the answer for that is cyclical time, for we will go back to that time – eternal return. It is not “rewinding” time. It is going around in a circular fashion. This is what video number 2 explains.

Finally the third video is an animation of how entropy works. Note the Golden-ish -age-ish type of scenario in the “moon of dreams,” to become then a night of something that has been… However, it will repeat again. That is the key which scientists are refusing to see (or cannot see,) for repetition is something which their “experiments” are unable to reach… 🙂

The links to the videos are here:

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