Comments on Sakar Murli – November 20, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, follow shrimat, become pure and clean, imbibe this knowledge and then do yuktiyukt service.
Don’t become arrogant but maintain your pure pride.

Question: Due to which one aspect does the Father have to give so much knowledge?
Answer: The Father gives you so much knowledge in order to prove that the Creator of the Gita is the incorporeal
Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The biggest mistake is that they have put Shri Krishna’s name in the Gita instead
of the Father’s, the Purifier. You have to prove this. You have to create various methods for this. Show the difference
between the praise of the Father and that of Shri Krishna.

Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.

Essence for dharna:

1. Perform every task very tactfully. Remain cheerful, unshakeable and stable in the intoxication of knowledge and
show (reveal) the Father.

2. Prove the new and unique things of knowledge.

Blessing: May you be a master creator and a detached observer who observes the games of Maya as entertainment.

No matter how many colours Maya shows, I am a lord of Maya. Maya is the creation and I am a master creator.
Observe the games of Maya with this awareness; do not be defeated in the games. Continue to observe them as a
detached observer considering them to be entertainment and you will claim the first number. For such a soul,
any problems of Maya will not seem like problems and there won’t be any questions. Constantly be a detached
observer and, with the awareness of the constant company of the Father, you will become victorious.

Slogan: Make your mind cool, your intellect merciful and your mouth sweet.

In this Murli the main theme was to “prove” who the “God of the Gita is.” There is this constant line for in Hinduism that means to change the name of one main God into another.
Note that we can change labels such as: “It is not Krishna, it is Shankar or Brahma or Shiva or Vishnu or Maha Lakshmi or …. “ There is space for more names, for more labels.

The main difficulty was to explain that God is a point of light, a soul. Then, we can say that God needs a “mouth” to speak. However, along with a mouth, God needs sanskaras to speak and the ability to be the only soul in the Drama who can “come and go” form the physical world.
This point in gyan could be further explored, but I will not go there; at this time.

This knowledge, this Godly knowledge is the “proof” in itself that it has divine origin. Other religions also claim that their scriptures and philosophy has Godly origins. This “proves” the aspect of gyan about our understanding being “numberwise.”

There has to be very, but very few souls who came to this knowledge because they “understood gyan.”
99% of the Brahmin souls are in this path because of an experience with BapDada in some way or another, Shiva or Brahma. Then all of the sudden, the mental “defenses,” brought up by traditions and previous teachings were dropped. Therefore, to just explain that “is not Krishna but Shiva,” becomes just a debate.

Evidently, we have many souls in the world who still believe in Krishna as the “true” God, for only Brahmin souls will have an experience that will allow them to “open up” to this knowledge. From that point on, the path could be steep. We have devotional understanding of gyan and gyan understood under our own experiences. Both ways are not the “only ways,” to see gyan but what most souls will feel comfortable with.

To “dye alive” from traditions, pre-conceptions and our own attachment to our own interpretations takes an ego-less soul.

Some Murli points to churn:

“The creator of the Gita is the Supreme Father the Supreme Soul. Prove this difference between the Supreme Soul and Krishna.”
“Religious scriptures of Bharat will be proven wrong if proved that Shiva wrote the Gita”
“Supreme Father spoke the Gita, prove this” “Prove this to people abroad”

Those lines of gyan show the need to convince others about who the “true “ God is. As mentioned before, this is not a matter of debating. It is a matter of having an experience to be able to “open up” to gyan. This knowledge is very deep and to be able to see that depth, we need to peel the “devotion” off, for that is the first layer. However as mentioned many times; there is no need to do this; for what is important is remembrance.
Going deeper into gyan has its own reward which cannot be explained.

“Christ is the father of the Bible”

Actually, the Bible is composed of many books and just the “new testament” pertains to Christ. The first half of it; the “old testament” may mention the “Upcoming” savior; but it is not about the life of Christ. All of those books (translation of Bible = the books) were put together by human beings; however, for a Christian soul; those books were “inspired by God.” (Karankaravanhar)

“Understand from the picture of the cycle that Shiva truly gave this knowledge”

This is a good point. Baba is merely pointing at the quality of knowledge; which as we know not everyone will be able to understand due to “blockages” such as traditions, teachings, philosophies, etc. A spiritual experience on the other hand, will open our intellect to try to understand.

“Fortune is not made by itself. It is the Father and the teacher who makes your fortune”

Contradictory statement with “ What Baba can do if that is the child’s fortune.” But, that is why is good to see that Baba was just referring to the importance of study so the “truth” could be proven.

“Liberation means that everyone comes to the Father” “You have to go to salvation via liberation”

Terms such as liberation and salvation are merely “pretty labels,” when we recognize through gyan that nothing is static. There is no such a state of “salvation,” but degradation will also be experienced. It is just a matter of time.

“The Supreme Father, the Supreme soul first creates the subtle region”

Devotional line, for God does not create the Subtle region, neither the physical world, neither “the soul world.” All of that has always existed.


  1. avyakt7

    Thanks for dropping by. Devotional understanding is “bhakti.” God is the creator. God has “special ones,” God can punish you, Gog can save you. That is devotion.

    Understanding gyan based on my own experience, means that “I have felt or experienced this, therefore; it must be the truth.”

    I do not recall using the phrase “real understanding,” Did I?

    I would like to suggest for you to read this article:

    Best wishes!



    What do you mean by devotional understanding of gyan and gyan understood under our own experiences ? How to go ahead in gyan just on the basis of “real understanding” of gyan ? What is meant by real understanding ?


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