Question: Dear brother, As I am getting more into this wonderful knowledge and yoga, I have decided to become celibate, however as I am married and my partner is not in gyan, I am sure this is going to cause problems with my partner. Can you share how I can handle this easily so that it will work out for me?

Thank you for your very good question! 🙂

I have to say that I have experience in that as well…

Let me mention “my mistakes” first:
1) I thought that once I made “my decision” my partner would go along with it. After all I was the “guy.”
2) I thought that I was “right” because Baba mentions in the Sakar Murlis to remain celibate and there are clear distinctions between “Storks and Swans.”
3) I became upset if my partner would not understand me by not accepting this knowledge and my experience with God. She did not have it, even though she is one of the sweetest souls I have met.

As a consequence, I gave “suffering” to another soul, for she thought that I was “rejecting her.” That soul didn’t develop good feelings for BK knowledge and the BK institution as well.
Needless to say, I paid dearly for those mistakes.

Looking back, I would have sat down with her and explained to her my feelings, and would have asked her if she was willing to accept such a change.
I wouldn’t have used what “Baba says in the Sakar Murlis” to “prove” self-righteousness. For that soul a sexual life was “normal” and “healthy.” That was the gap.

At the end, I have seen couples specially from India, were celibacy is not a “huge deal” as it is for a westerner. For Bharatwasis (India) when one partner wants to be celibate, the other usually will go along when in love; due to the way sex is viewed there and the pressures of being divorced.

That wasn’t my case. Divorce was the way to resolve this issue. She asked for it; with the disclosure that I have prompted it.

However, due to being a Brahmin soul, both of us remained on a friendly basis. Even though she moved on with relationships like a “normal” person (which were tests for me) She developed greater endearment with me because she saw and understood that I did not rejected her to be with another person. Even her family has good thoughts about me to this day.

Now, I see that we couldn’t go back together. We are from 2 different worlds; but care and good feelings are still there. That is a huge difference between a “normal divorce” and being a Brahmin soul. The karmic account has been settled.

On that, I hope that I answered your question. I cannot tell you “how to handle this easily so it will work out for you,” but I hope that you will learn through my mistakes.

One final note: If you had a deep insight through an experience with Baba or this knowledge and you have the aim of finding your true self by recognizing those weaknesses; then you will be capable of going through the tests. It will not be easy but that is your own personal call as far as how much you want to go into this path.

There is no one to blame after you have made a decision. No one. Be honest with your call in life and follow it. Part of living life is to learn to listen to it.

Best wishes!

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