Comments on Sakar Murli – November 22, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you cannot receive liberation or liberation-in-life by remembering bodily beings. It is the Father Himself who gives you this inheritance directly.

Question: Which children does Maya drag to herself even after they belong to the Father?
Answer: Those whose intellect’s yoga wanders to their old relationships, who don’t have full knowledge
and who still have old habits; such children are dragged by Maya to herself. The company outside is very
bad and completely destroys you. The company you keep very soon affects you. This is why Baba says:
Children, connect your intellect’s yoga to the one Father. Only follow the Father. Don’t love any bodily being.

Song: Having found You, we have found everything. The earth, the sky all belong to us!…

Essence for dharna:

1. Do not have unnecessary thoughts about your karmic bondages. Remove your intellect from bodily beings.
Have unlimited renunciation.

2. In order to become free from bondage, become a complete destroyer of attachment. Have an honest heart.
Become strong and courageous in knowledge.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor and become a master bestower through your unshakeable stage.

Those who have an unshakeable stage have the good wishes and pure feelings for others to become unshakeable
too. The special quality of those who have an unshakeable stage is that they are merciful. They constantly have
the feelings of a bestower for every soul. Their special title is “world benefactor”. They cannot have any feelings
of dislike, conflict, jealousy or defamation for any soul; they constantly have benevolent feelings.

Slogan: Only the power of silence is the means of extinguishing the fire of anger in others.

This Murli dealt with remembrance and receiving the inheritance of the Father.
It is interesting to note that many times in the Murli the following sentence was repeated: “ You receive an inheritance from the Father.” Also, an explanation was given at the beginning of the Murli about how Christians do not receive an inheritance from Christ. However, it is good to note that for a Christian soul, Heaven is received as an “inheritance” if that soul accepts the teachings of God through Christ’ s teachings. Christ has always spoken about “His Father,” referring to God.
I feel it is important to clarify this, for a Brahmin soul is not the only one who perceives through devotion that God is the Father and we get the inheritance from Him.

Obviously this view of gyan, brings the devotional and religious sankaras of Brahma Baba who was still an effort maker at that time. However, many aspects of Christianity escape Brahma Baba’s understanding for Brahma Baba didn’t have the Christian background (according to drama.)
If every soul is a “child” of God, then every soul MUST get an inheritance. Isn’t that fair?

Do we believe that only Brahmin souls are the “true” children of God and for that reason (which is just fortune according to the Drama) we are the only ones receiving an inheritance?
This is the problem on seeing deep gyan under the simple explanation of religious/devotional views. We do notice that Brahma Baba’s views and way of explaining gyan became more and more more refined after he became karmateet.

How about this:
There is no “inheritance.” There is neither paradise nor heaven nor hell 🙂

There is a Drama which will place every actor in a particular point in time according to his sankaras. That “first” time in the cycle will be for that soul, its highest point. The last rebirth of that soul in a cycle will be that soul’s lowest point.

A Brahmin soul comes at the “beginning” of the cycle when the physical world is “new.”Other souls will come down at different points, when the physical world becomes “older” but for that soul, since it is his first birth, the experience is of the highest degree that this soul can aspire.

Do you see gyan in this description? Is there any devotional language? Does it give any sense of being “better” than someone else in the cycle?

This is “UNLIMITED” gyan. Good for all, not just Brahmin souls.

Points to churn:
“Intellect yoga wanders into old relationships”
This is a karmic account.

“If your intellect gets pulled from bodily beings your sins will not be absolved”
Therefore, yoga is needed.

“You cannot receive liberation and liberation in life by remembering bodily beings”
Actually everyone receives liberation whether they remember God or not. But there is no “accurate” remembrance unless our mind is not trapped in the physical world including bodily beings. Baba is saying this just to make us realise the importance and value of being detached.

“Company outside is very bad and destroys you”
When you are a “baby Brahmin” maybe. But we are expected to grow up and become strong , the ones who influence others rather than the ones who are easily influenced.

“Don’t love any bodily being”
What Baba probably wanted to convey was not to fall in love with a bodily being, or not to get attracted by a bodily being or something else. Our relationships with everyone should be a loving one.

“The Father is the Father of all religious founders”
That is why we are all “brothers.” Therefore, all brothers receive an “inheritance.” Right? 🙂

“I don’t even have the happiness of going to heaven and seen heaven, such is my part”
That is because God is “abhogta.” (beyond experiences) as the murli today mentioned and that should hold true in “heaven” as well as in “hell.”

“The part of those (other non BK souls) is of little happiness and little sorrow”

That is a comparison. Their happiness for them is not little. The happiness of a BK soul for them is unknown.

“If it is not in their fortune they will go to the other side”
Everything goes back to “fortune,” therefore; is there such a things as a “unfortunate part” in the “Unlimited”?
It is Brahma Baba’s way of cautioning, and inspiring his children to make effort.

“If you follow shrimat, no one can stop you”
That is something to remember all the time….

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