“God speaks” seen without the lenses of devotion

When God Shiva speaks through Brahma in the Sakar Murlis, have you ever wondered what is truly happening there?
Do you believe that God is telling Brahma every word to speak it in hindi and Brahma Baba merely repeats those words?
Is that the way you understand it?
Isn’t that another dangerous literal interpretation? 🙂

If we look at the complexity of gyan, without the “easy to understand devotional view,” we will find that there is way more which could not be easily conveyed to a simple devotional story.

Many then, “blame it on God,” for not giving the “full knowledge,” at once; when in reality words are incapable, unable to express a reality which needs to be “realized,” that is “churned,” to be able to understand.

The other day, I had the chance to speak with someone who is capable of “listening” to what appears to be a flower or Nature, speak.

According to this person, he is able to understand exactly what the entity which is perceived as a “flower” is able to say; however, the translation from those thoughts into his words is what seems to be the issue.
He is using his own experiences and understanding (sankaras)to convey the ideas and thoughts in his mind.

No… God Shiva did not speak words in hindi into Brahma Baba’s ear so he could repeat them in the Sakar Murli.

There are some thoughts/ideas which are perceived and the issue comes when it is time to “translate them,” as well as when others “listen to them.”

As a matter of fact, I have experienced that in some of the “churnings,” the idea is fully understood; I can fully view it, but it becomes an issue for me to put that into words. Specially to put that into a language such as English which is not my maternal language in this birth. Then many times, what I try to convey may not be understood fully, so misunderstanding occurs. That is my “karma.” 🙂

On the same token, Sakar Murlis transmit a special power, a special authority which someone who has recognized God could understand when listening. However, we need to be aware that in the translation through Brahma Baba the words may not fully convey the understanding of an idea.

Nevertheless, we cannot complain about “the translation,” when we know it is coming from the ”number 1 soul,” for there is no better intellect than his to do this task, according to the Drama.

The Sakar Murlis that we hear in my understanding, are from the later years of Brahma Baba’s life. This is to assure that a “better” understanding of this knowledge as well as a better connection perhaps, could be conveyed.

I fully understand that. However, let us keep in mind, that the issue most of the time is in “listening.”

There is the force of authority coming on those Murlis combined with devotional feelings, it is not recommended to “filter bhakti,” but to let it in, to accept it so the force of that Murli could touch the soul. BUT, at the same time, it is good to realize that “this is not the type of satsang when we say ‘true,’ ‘true’ to everything we hear.” (My favorite line to quote from a Sakar Murli)

Is this balance which will bring greater benefit for the soul, at the “end of the day;” from my view.

NOTE: Some souls have mentioned that Shiva (God) enters Brahma Baba and speaks directly.

If that was the case, then Brahma Baba should have clearly realized that there was another entity in him who was speaking. But that wasn’t the case in the beginning as we know.


  1. avyakt7

    🙂 Dear brother… 🙂
    No, I have not heard about that, but it makes sense for I understand that was Brahma Baba’s maternal language.
    At any rate, translation is an issue . Today the Murli mentioned that Shiva is abhogta (beyond experiences) and this supports the position in this article.

    If you just click “Language translator” it will translate automatically the article at the “top,” the first article. from there you can click on the title of any other article that you wish to translate and after you choose the language to translate it to, it should be able to do it.

    I think you do very well in putting kind thoughts into words… Maybe you could try that route? You are doing a great job here, for sure!

    Many thanks for your continuous support, from the heart!


  2. D

    I was told that the early Murlis were spoken in Sindhi and Brahma BABA’s lokiks (wife & daughter-in-law) used to write it in down in Sindhi. Have you heard that?

    My dear brother, please do write in Spanish if you feel like it. I am sure many Spanish speaking souls will take lots of benefit. Whoever is interested to read can use Google translation & read it (do give me instruction how to use the G translation though).

    You write so beautifully & powerfully in English. In Spanish it will be an EXPLOSION. you are very gifted – a rare jewel!

    My greatest regret is I can’t put my thoughts into words – otherwise I would vent all my frustration in writing. I do believe the pen is mightier than the sword 🙂


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