Loneliness: by Eckhart Tolle

This video by Eckhart Tolle is recommended for those souls interested in overcoming loneliness.
If it is in your “fortune” to be by yourself, then it is the perfect “spot” to find those weaknesses popping up like hot pop corn.

What Mr. Tolle refers as “presence” is what we BKs, may know as silence. The experience of the “true” self.
Through that, there is change. Note that our mind needs to fully accept a situation before there is opportunity for change. Ego does not allow us to accept but rather is looking to “fight back.”

That fight is delaying those changes. Flowing is the answer.

Also note that once loneliness becomes, through acceptance into solitude; the Drama may change and once there is no neediness in the self for company; that company may in fact appear…. So be careful what you wish for… for you may not like it after all… 🙂

Those are the workings of the Drama. Don’t desire anything, so you will have everything…

link: http://youtu.be/341U2YUjaZw]

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