Comments on Sakar Murli – November 23, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, devotees cannot feel as much happiness when they say “Bhagawan” or “Ishwar”
as you feel when you say “Baba”.

Question: What desires do worldly children have due to greed, which you children cannot have?
Answer: Worldly children who are greedy wonder when their father will die so that they can become the masters of his property. You children can never have such thoughts about the unlimited Father because the Father is bodiless. Here, you receive an imperishable inheritance from the eternal Father.

Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!

Essence for dharna:

1. Wake up early in the morning and instil the firm habit of remembering the Father with a lot of love.
Wake up at least at 3.00 or 4.00 am in the morning.

2. Have true love for the unlimited Father. Follow shrimat and claim your full inheritance.

Blessing: May you remain constantly cheerful by being happy hearted and happy-faced with the royalty of purity.

Souls who have the royalty of purity, that is, who have reality, constantly dance in happiness. Their happiness never decreases. In fact, day by day, at every moment, their happiness increases. They would not be one thing internally and something else externally. Their attitude, vision, words and activity would all be truthful. Such souls who are royal and real would remain constantly cheerful in their hearts and features. They would be eternally happy hearted and happy faced.

Slogan: The most elevated power in the world is the power of purity.


In this Murli Baba is referring to the “inheritance” which is made by being part of the “3 clans” (Brahmin, Deity, Warriors.)

Baba is mentioning that there is a relationship “between souls and the Supreme Soul,” and that we are all brothers. It is a brotherhood.

Baba also mentions that variety is the theme at this time. He makes his point by saying that even though there is Christianity, it is practiced by different groups (languages) such as French and English. The same with Chinese belonging to Buddhist religion as the Japanese are, which speak different languages but that cultural difference is a barrier, so there are quarrels among them. There is variety and differences of opinion.

Also, “easier things will be explained as we progress;” it was noted. It appears to me that as our “intellect” is opening up and as new points are built upon the “old ones,” It is easier to understand gyan. However, it may be a good experiment to explain gyan to the world without using a particular religious background. Gyan does not need to conform to any religious background or mythology to be explained fully.

Some other points mentioned:

“The whole Drama will repeat again from the beginning. This is predestined and has to repeat”
Therefore, there are no mistakes in the Drama But, we make mistakes…

“Good actors receive prizes”

And the prize is to repeat the act again.. 🙂

“The Father is the creator of the world. Only from Him we receive such an inheritance”
Devotional line.

“No everyone has the same love”

We are numberwise.

“No need to take notes to imbibe, but you take notes to explain to others”

Note that in other Sakar Murlis, Baba was telling the children to take notes… Teachings are according to time and circumstance.

“Children still don’t wake up early in the morning. Wake up at 3 or 4 AM”
Amrit vela is the foundation of Brahmin Maryadas.

“We have now found the Father. As soon as the child says ‘Baba,’ proves that he is an heir”
From that point on, you belong.

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