The “Having the Truth,” syndrome.

Since my earlier years of “searching the truth,” I was amazed by the fact that whenever I checked out a particular religion or philosophy or teaching of a renown Guru, the answer was pretty much the same: “ We have the truth. Come join us.”

What was the “truth” for them? Was it possible for completely different teachings to be the “truth”?
I had those questions in my mind. Evidently, the “truth,” for them was the information that they were conveying, their philosophy, their way of viewing God and understanding how everything “started.”

It used to be one of my favorite “pastimes” to undo any of the perceptions of truth that anyone had, based on logic and reason alone. Nevertheless; the feeling of emptiness was there, for it was just about feeding the ego and at the end, I found nothing but an unhappy person who found me to be “dangerous to their doctrine.” 🙂

Then, it becomes easier to be an “agnostic,” or just go all the way to the “other” side and declare yourself an “atheist,” but still; having science as a “new God” to worship with all of its theories and rat lab findings. Denying something is another way to embrace it.

It appears that Human beings have this need to believe in something, whatever it is; and worship it.

When the concept of “numberwise,” was introduced to me, I did not understand it. It took some time to get rid of the “brainwashing” of equality and our ability to be equal. Numberwise means in a nutshell, that there is no equality. No point in comparison. Variety even within unity. To be different is “normal.” 🙂

Wars are fought for “equality,” when afterwards; the same song is found; just with different dancers. Equality among genders is talked about, but it is just talk when practically we can see something else. Equality in rights and other things is usually overcome by hierarchy and social clout. However, equality becomes one of those terms to fight for, to dream about, etc. A “nice” word. 🙂

Numberwise, basically tells me that my understanding, my views, etc .will not be the same as someone else. Even if 2 people support a particular view of the world, their view will be different, due to different understandings and different experiences. The “truth may be one,” but we cannot perceive it equally. See that? No?? 😦 That is “normal.” 🙂

That is why “isms” are formed. When an “ism” is formed as a religion or a philosophical doctrine, basically “reality,” which is ever changing, dynamic and constantly moving; is placed into a couple of paragraphs and labeled as the “truth.” This is similar as trying to put a movie which lasts 2 hours into one picture! How ridiculous!
That is what a dogma becomes. Just a worshiped picture of a movie.

One of the things that I love the most about BK gyan is its paradoxical and contradictory nature. For “normal” college educated people, that is something which is never heard of, and for that reason; “pure nonsense.”

Those without understanding but with an “experience,” then become automatically enrolled in the “blind faith” group. That group is usually, the “safe group.”

Just repeat after me. I will do the rest for you.

We cannot look at something new using the measurement of our previous knowledge. That is just a waste of time, for we cannot understand something “new” by using the yardstick of something “old” as a reference.

From the above, we can see that “having the truth,” is just something that cannot happen. We can live our truth, we can share what we think to be the “truth,” but we cannot say that we posses it.

That is not truth, but a “respected” lie.

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