Back to the basics: What is Gyan?

It is a Sanskrit word which translates into “knowledge” in English; however; BK gyan is believed to be of Divine origin. Gyan basically gives answers to 3 basic questions:

1) Who we are?
2) Where do we come from?
3) Where are we going?

Through the answer of those questions, we can discover some of the laws in the physical world as well as beyond the physical.

Gyan cannot be compared with anything else; for it is taught in “essence.” It is up to us to go into the “expansion.” Going into expansion is what is known a “churning.” (Realizations.)

For many “churning” means repeating a point in gyan 108 times, so it is not forgotten. In my experience, this is not about memorizing and repeating, but “discovering” relationships between seemingly distinct points in gyan.
Up to this point of just “discovering” it is just a mental game. The following step which in “imbibing” it in our personal life, is what becomes the trademark of a “knowledgeable soul.”

Unlike any other knowledge such as Science; Gyan is to be experienced. It is a personal experience.
We can know that “ I am a soul,” and repeat that line “108 times,” but unless I have the experience of it, that line becomes just another piece of information. For Science, a soul is just barely in the realm of mythology; for it has not been “proven.”

Because Gyan is a self encompassed body of knowledge, it is not strictly related with any other type of “worldly knowledge.” In other words, I cannot think that Science could prove Gyan to be right or wrong.
However, many times they may have common elements and we could see how they could be related; specially when dealing with physical laws; nevertheless, the scope of Gyan is well above science; for it is beyond the physical understanding of the self and the world surrounding us.

Gyan could be built upon its own premises, its own “points,” just as science relies on theories to be built upon. However in gyan there is the element of “spiritual experience” which overrides anything else.

The “reason,” (if we can call that reason) is because the elemental nature of a human being; that is the awareness of our spiritual nature; is the greatest fulfillment that we could find in this world. There is nothing greater than that, for the purpose of this knowledge; is to find our own true self and to live life in harmony with the current world. That is the aim and objective of Gyan.

Gyan is extremely paradoxical. It even embraces contradictions; for we are dealing with experiences and awareness or “degrees” of consciousness, which varies among individuals. For that, Gyan is a map.

That map has many avenues that could be taken. In Gyan; there is no such a thing as a “shorter route;” for every route taken has its own benefit for the one who is willing to walk the Spiritual journey.

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