Comments on Sakar Murli – November 24, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you have come into the lap of the unlimited Father while alive. You have become His children and so you definitely have to follow His shrimat. You have to put every direction into practice.

Question: When does the age of retirement for the world begin and why?
Answer: When Shiv Baba enters the body of Brahma, the age of retirement for the whole world begins because the Father comes to take you back. At this time, it is the age of retirement for everyone, young
and old. Everyone has to go back to the sweet home, the land of liberation, and then go into liberation-in-life.
In any case, when the Father enters Brahma’s body, Brahma’s age is 60 years. It is his age of retirement too.

Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.

Essence for dharna:

1. This is the age of charity. You have to become a righteous soul at this time. You have to benefit everyone.
Show everyone the way to go to liberation and liberation-in-life.

2. This is our Godly student life. Maintain the happiness that the unlimited Father is teaching us.

Blessing: May you be a great soul and give the experience of the manners of truth through your face and activities.

Great souls are those who have the power of truth in them. However, together with truth, there also has to be manners.
Great souls who have the manners of truth in them have manners automatically visible in their way of speaking, looking, behaving, walking, eating, drinking and moving around. If there are no manners, there is no truth. Truth can never be proved by trying to prove it. It has the power of automatically being proved (right). No one can hide the sun of truth.

Slogan: Make humility your armour and you will remain constantly protected.


Just a note on the comments of the Murli:
From now on rather than go into single points of gyan, I will basically share an overall perspective of the Murli as it “touches me.” I want to try this “method.”
The reason is that I want to be able to hear the Murli an absorb it as a whole, rather than picking points here and there to expand on them. As I said before, I am not a privileged student who has the Murli with me. I am just a regular student who listens to the Murli either in class or via internet/phone, so there may be that I am hearing something which may not be completely accurate.

Today’s Murli went into the necessity to belong to God, Shiva; at this time; in order to be in the Golden age. For that, Baba made the metaphor of the “Garlands around Shiva’s neck and Vishnu’s neck.”
Note that the Murli mentions about the “age of retirement of Brahma Baba.” It even notes when Shiva entered Brahma Baba.
I wonder about the need to put his age there. Why???

Because for many BKs according to the understanding that they have of “literal gyan,” the confluence age lasts “100 years.” It is very easy to add 100 years to 1936 to get the result of 2036. Here is a Murli point today: “The duration of this age is counted when God entered Brahma.”

1) On the other hand, there is always the 2012 “hype” about “destruction,” aka “end of the world “ for others. At the same time there have been other dates for “destruction.” That game should be over. I have never heard a date from BapDada about destruction neither that “He was 60 (Brahma Baba) when Shiva entered him.” He wasn’t aware of that for many years.
2) There is some discussion about Brahma Baba’s age of retirement through some BK research on historical accounts. If indeed it was 60 or some other number. Even though this piece of information is meaningless in my perspective, it is another way of “putting yourself on the spot” for the age that was shared is something else than 60.
3) Now that it has been accepted that Brahma Baba thought that he was God for some years before realizing about ShivBaba, and knowing that this piece of information was not readily disclosed, I wonder if there is some thought about this when sharing the Murli. Especially when adding this information, in the “answer,” of the Q/A, for it will be readily disclosed to all via email and the internet.
4) It is very unlikely that Brahma Baba himself mentioned that he was “60” as it is shared in today’s murli: Literally it says: “In any case, when the Father enters Brahma’s body, Brahma’s age is 60 years. It is his age of retirement too.”

I would urge the brothers and sisters in Madhuban in charge of the Murli, to be sensitive about those issues. Nowadays, any piece of information could be spread out and at the same time discussed, “creating waste thoughts.” Certainly to add “wood” to a small fire, is not recommended.

That is why the aim here is to go into gyan, for churning it; there will be many realizations about this knowledge which is capable of “awakening” BKs so they can see the beauty of it and accuracy and doubts will be dispelled by “churning your own ingredients” rather than relying on dates and historical accounts which are man-made and prone to mistakes .

On that, (back to the Murli) It is important to note according to today’s Murli, that we belong to the Father, gradually. This is something to keep in mind, for an experience with Baba is enough to awaken us, but knowledge is the source of sustenance. It is through that knowledge that we could “die alive” through the experience of yoga. Therefore, we see how BapDada plays the part of the “creator,” (choosing you) knowledge is our sustenance, and yoga “destroys” our old self to become “new.”

Baba mentioned as well that we will “get corrections day by day.” This is something important to understand about gyan. Gyan is meant to be churned just because our understanding in numberwise. Some will be able to extract deep points, others; not so deep. Churning is the source of “finding newness.” That is why gyan cannot be the whole thing at once, as some pretend.
I loved the blessing today. The truth has manners and cannot be proven… and I must add, it cannot be possessed.

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