Question: Dear brother we often use the term “detached observer”,however this true detachment can only be experimented when we are going thru tests, such as somebody close to me passes away and the detachment of the real attachment can be experimented then. My question is, is there a way to practice this way before the tests come?

Thank you for your question!

As you mentioned, the “test paper,” is “test” time.
The way to get ready for it in my experience is by practicing the “a-temporal” stage or the point. (please note the avyakt Murli from April 17, 1969)

I am giving this advice by experience. A “Test” is a karmic account. The easy way to settle karmic accounts is through yoga, but this particular type of yoga has the ability to submerge “old sanskaras” and emerge the “natural” satopradhan sanskaras without any other effort. That experience on a continuous basis will make a difference in your stage.
When faced with something that could “shake” your stage, you will see that your response is non-emotional, with equanimity and balanced.

Best wishes!

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