Question: Thanks for the services you are providing to all the souls including me,here is my question,is it so that every soul’s time to be in a body for one birth decided pn the basis of breaths he take n gives out and if it true then what about sportsmen who breathe veru fast while playing games so do they have short span of lifetime in one particular birth?

Thank you for your question!
It is generally believed that species who take less breaths, live longer. A breath is an outcome of other things going on in a bodily system.

For instance, an athlete in general needs to have certain anaerobic and aerobic training to perform in its activity. Anaerobic training is the most demanding and puts greater stress in the body. The outcome of that training is generally that your pulse rate will be slower and it is believed that this is an indication of less workload for the cardiovascular system. That relates to a more efficient oxygen intake. (less breaths)

So that is the paradox, to train to have a more efficient cardiovascular system. However if you do strenuous physical activities once in a while, that lack of training could be detrimental for your health.

At the end of the day, it is not the number of breaths what matters, but the quality of your life.

Best wishes!


  1. bhawnabhardwaj

    Thanks for the reply dear soul,
    There is a line in your reply that this is a paradox to train to have a more efficient cardiovascular system.can u please this line further.


    • avyakt7

      Sure. It means that when we get our breaths going faster and apparently we are reducing our life (more breaths,) we attain through training, a slower rate of breathing; which is supposed to make our life longer. 🙂


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