The quest of “Having all relationships with the Father.”

In this spiritual life, there is a need to recognize the significance of our teacher’s explanations by sheer experience.

When we hear that “we need to have all relationships with the Father,” immediately we want to experience something and say: “ I have experienced the relationship of the mother with Baba,” or “I have experienced the relationship of the Husband with Baba.” My question is, if you have experienced that particular relationship with Baba, why is it so difficult not to experience all the other relationships permanently? Why do you get “pulled”?

Here is the example. Let us say that there is a Kumari (sister) who all of a sudden feels that she wants the company of a husband. Do you tell her to get that relationship from Baba? Isn’t that just a simple but “respected” answer that we have come to accept and live by? If you are a sister, you may have felt an experience with Brahma Baba or BapDada from the subtle region, an experience which pierced your heart and allowed you to “belong to Him and no one else.”

That is sweet. However, in reality and if you are not sheltered in between 4 walls, that experience may not be lasting, and if you are a serious “effort maker,” you will feel what is like to be “pull” from someone or something.
Then, you feel guilty. You feel that you are betraying Baba. You feel worthless.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of a brother, who is not playing “soul conscious” and “falling in love” with Brahma Baba for he is in a male body of light and who would rather see a vision of Laxmi, so he can “really fall in love” 🙂 .. but that doesn’t usually happen and if it does, that experience will not last for too long…we forget. Matter of fact.

Now, let us say that we are one of the “lucky” mothers who is in gyan as well as her husband. She already has grown up children doing well in life. She has all the relationships that we can imagine in this life; so now, she needs to “renounce” all of that and have “all relationships with just the One.”

How would she do that? By denying her “lokik” family and spending more time at Baba’s center instead?
The above are real situations. There is no subtle experience which will last for a long time in our intellect while in body consciousness.

It is very easy to say it is “Baba and me,” when you do not live by yourself and all your emotional needs are being fulfilled by the company of others.

It becomes “respectable,” to play with Baba as the “invisible friend,” when we are still craving for different relationships in our life or we have them and we need to “renounce them.”

The Murli today, gave the answer for all of that.

Become a “detached observer “and you will have all relationships with the Father. Get it? 🙂
We can become truly “detached observers,” when we are soul conscious. That is it. However, when we have reached that state, we are already experiencing fulfillment in the self; therefore, there is no need for any “neediness” of finding someone to fulfill us; whether that is a human being or anything else.

As a matter of fact, when we are in that soul consciousness state, we have arrived. We are already “merged” with the Father. We become “like the Father,” so there is no need for relationship as 2 different entities, but we are merged. We are One. There is no separation.

The paradox is that having all relationships means to be merged into One, which is not a relationship, but is oneness in soul consciousness. For the soul, there is no separation and there is inner fulfillment.

Nevertheless, while we are becoming soul conscious, we will be fluctuating between the “old sanskaras,” and the “more elevated ones.” This is the “true devil,” (Ravan, Maya, etc.) for those old sanskaras will manifest as thoughts, (As BapDada mentioned today) and those thoughts will push us to “act.” Those thoughts, will be there like “dharamraj.” 🙂

As BapDada mentioned today; here is when we need to “check” and be aware that those thoughts are nothing else but old sanskaras wanting to manifest. BapDada mentions to replace those thoughts with our thought of having all relationships with the Father and the experience of our attainments in this spiritual life.

We should recognize that BapDada is not there to keep us as “little children” all the time (unless we want to) for our aim is to become masters of the self. In my view (and this is just me) that cannot happen if we are “replacing” worldly relationships with Baba; for the sanskaras of neediness are still there is a “royal form.”

BapDada’s teachings are usually catered towards the “little children” many times; mixed with suggestions for the “bigger children.” For instance, BapDada has said many times that we need to solve difficulties with our own power and not to be “royal beggars.” He brings to us the “responsibility” of changing others by changing the self. That is not for “little children.”

It is good to be proud that our “Daddy is God,” but to ask Daddy for everything rather than “learning to live life on our own 2 feet” is something that I feel becomes part of the numberwise deal… 🙂

How do we become “self sufficient,” ” master of the self,”? BapDada has given the answer many times.
A sample could be found here: April 17, 1969 and March 16, 1986 are 2 avyakt Murlis to review and understand.

As we are experiencing this stage of sheer beauty of the self in communion with the Father, we will understand without understanding.

That is the practice to experience all relationships, in my experience. Then we can have the greatest relationship of all, that is the one of being a friend. (Khuda Dost.)

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