Comments on Sakar Murli – November 26, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, your business is to benefit everyone. First of all benefit yourselves and then serve others to benefit them.

Question: After becoming a Brahmin, what is the basis of making your life valuable?
Answer: Serving through your words and deeds. The lives of those who don’t serve through words and deeds have no value. By serving,
you receive everyone’s blessings. Those who don’t do God’s service are wasting their time and energy. Their status is reduced.

Song: You are the Mother and the Father….

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain clean internally and externally. Don’t hide anything from the Father. Do service with an honest heart.

2. Use your time in a worthwhile way. In order to receive blessings from everyone, definitely serve through words and deeds. Become merciful. Continue to do the business of benefiting everyone.

Blessing: May you constantly be a bestower of happiness and finish all name and trace of sorrow with your soul-conscious attitude and vision.

The world of Brahmins is unique and their vision and attitude are also unique. Those who maintain soul conscious vision and attitude
while walking and moving around cannot have any name or trace of sorrow because sorrow comes from the consciousness of the body.
If you forget the consciousness of the body and stay in your soul conscious form, there is happiness and constant happiness.
Your happy life becomes one that gives happiness. You constantly rest on a bed of happiness and remain an embodiment of happiness.

Look at the self and remove your weakness and you will receive God’s love.


In this Murli Baba concentrates in Service.
First we need to benefit ourselves in order to benefit others. Therefore, service will flow in relationship with that self benefit.

Service is the “breath in Brahmin life,” as BapDada has mentioned before in avyakt Murlis; and as we can see in today’s Sakar Murli, it was important back then as well; however, the form was different.
Service was considered when someone talked knowledge or through deeds. “Mansa Seva” (service through the mind,) didn’t have as much relevance as the other two.

Baba spoke about the pictures and how to do service through them and via “projectors.” That needs to be considered according to time (technology;) for service has to be “tactful,” as well.

What is tact? To spread a sharing without trying to convince, to convert another. We are just sharing our “truth.” In that sharing, we can go as much as we want as long as in the back of our minds, the idea of having another “follower” more, a “subject for our kingdom” 🙂 is not there.

In this way, service is unlimited; for we will give a soul what the soul needs, that should be the aim of spiritual service and not what we “need or desire,” and that is for that soul to join my particular belief system.

For example, In my country of origin when giving the 7 day course, Brahma Baba wasn’t added. He was “hidden” and just Shiva was shown until that soul came to Murli and even then, little by little. In other countries, “knowledge” was given taking some aspects out and putting more relevance in others.

What is the purpose of that?
We think, so these souls may not misinterpret gyan and feel that their “beliefs” are not being considered and that their religious traditions are being replaced by a foreigner tradition.
Many times we forget that when we are sharing gyan, we can do it without “Hindu background,” because knowledge, pure gyan does not have a religious background associated with it.

Also, when sharing knowledge, there is nothing wrong in saying things as we believe, while we respect another’s view point. Service is not truly at this time to “get more people” to become BKs, but to bring benefit to their lives where they are, to meet them at their “intellectual location” and to share.

How do you explain the “trimurti,” to a Christian soul? There is the Father, the Son and the Holy ghost.
The Father is the creator, the son is his creation and sustenance for us (Christianity) and the holy ghost destroys our sins, through the Father’s remembrance.

Note that by saying this, the most important part, which is “Father remembrance “ is given.
Finally, service is not necessarily and organized activity to draw lots of people. Service is done in our every relationship as long as there is a clean desire to benefit rather than to “convert.”

In this Murli, Baba mentioned about the inheritance that His children will obtain through knowing who is the “Mother and Father.” Again, those concepts may need to be translated according to someone else’s beliefs.
Baba also mentioned a couple of times, that “we can go anywhere,” and this is something to consider; however, we need to be prepared for that as far as our stage.

I liked the blessing, for soul consciousness is the aim and objective of this “Journey.” The duality of body consciousness will bring sorrow as well as happiness. Through soul consciousness we will be beyond that.

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