Comments on Sakar Murli – November 27, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, make effort and become full of all virtues. Imbibe divine virtues. Check to see what
defects you still have within you and to what extent you have become soul conscious.

Question: What deep concern should serviceable children have in their intellects at this time?
Answer: How to change human beings into deities and how to tell everyone the biographies of Lakshmi and
Narayan and Rama and Sita. Children should have this deep concern in them. Become one who can adopt
many forms, change your dress into one of tip-top fashion and go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple.
Make a special appointment to see the priests and trustees of the temple there and then ask them tactfully:
You have built this temple to them, but do you know their biography? Speak to them tactfully and give
them the introduction.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique…

Essence for dharna:

1. Maintain the intoxication of knowledge. Keep a stage of equanimity in praise and defamation.
Don’t allow your stage to fluctuate.

2. Give everyone the Father’s introduction and tell them the real biography of Lakshmi and Narayan.
Become benevolent, benefit everyone and continue to move forward by following shrimat.

Blessing: May you have a right to supersensuous joy and constantly give and take happiness in Brahmin life.

Those who have a right to supersensuous joy constantly swing in the swing of happiness with the Father.
They can never think that so-and-so caused them sorrow. Their promise is: I will not cause sorrow or take
sorrow. Even if someone causes it by force, they will not take it. A Brahmin soul means one who is
constantly happy. The work of Brahmins is to give happiness and receive happiness. They would be souls
who are embodiments of happiness and constantly stay in the world of happiness.

Slogan: Become humble and people will bow down to you and give you co-operation.


In today’s Murli the emphasis is an urge to know that “it is time to go home.”
Basically that means that the current cycle of time is ending. We will perform activities and according to those activities we will attain a “status.” Sleeping is an activity, that is probably why sleeping less is encouraged for greater time for remembrance. However, we need to know the balance between being awake and sleep, for if we are out of balance; we will neither be able to sleep nor be fully awake.

Note that in this Murli, explaining gyan to others is another theme as an “activity” to perform.

For that Baba has given some advice. Yesterday it was about the importance of the picture of the Trimurti, today is about Laxmi and Narayan.

Note that the “white dress,” is neither encouraged nor negated. It is just a dress and there are many people who dress in white. As a matter of fact, Baba reminded us that we should adapt in “many forms,” and in that way be able to explain. This point requires flexibility in our part. The idea of what a “BK should look like,” is a “cookie cutter.” Looks are not the important item here but the ability to dress according to the occasion, so there is a positive impact in other souls.

There is a point about all the souls being Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The difference is that “they do not know,” that is why we need to explain knowledge to them.
This point is important, knowing that only souls who belong to the Brahmin clan will be able to assimilate this knowledge in a numberwise manner. The inheritance goes along with being a child of God. Since every soul is a child, then; every soul must receive an inheritance. However, that inheritance has been always in a numberwise manner.

My churning has been that since Bharat is the “inheritance,” for a Brahmin soul; that inheritance will be during the first 2500 years of the cycle. Then after that other souls will enjoy their “inheritance” in Bharat as well; however that may be the copper or iron ages; the fact is that because we are numberwise, some souls will enjoy their lot at their due time.
This point could be explained better if the religious theme is put aside.

I loved the blessing, to give happiness and receive happiness is the work of a Brahmin soul.

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