Question: Dear brother, Please clarify this point as it is not clear to me , When we become concentrated, “awareness of the point”, feeling the self; how is it possible to remember god as remembrance would mean thoughts, unless I am doing it wrong?

Great question, thank you!

There are many types of remembrance. The ones in the Sakar Murli are based usually on thinking as you mentioned. Remember the beloved and the inheritance. Remember the cycle; remember home; etc.
Avyakt Murlis on the other hand, introduces remembrance as an experience of the self; that is soul consciousness.
The Murli from April 17, 1969 is an example of that.
Last month in the avyakt Murlis, BapDada explained through a group of “seniors,” that to love the supreme in such as way as what the world considers to be “merged” in love with the one being loved, means to become in the same form as the Father. In other words, “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.” (October 28, 2012)

Just last Sunday (November 25th, 2012) BapDada mentioned that in order to have all relationships with the Father, we need to become “detached observers,” first. You cannot become “truly” a detached observer unless you are soul conscious. That is the meaning of having all relationships with the Father.

Moreover, I have written several articles already when I am demonstrating that in soul consciousness there is no separation; between “you and me.” That is body consciousness.

In my experience, experiencing the self, the soul and its qualities of pure bliss is in a way remembering the Father. The same qualities are there. A loving thought about the Father could bring this feeling, but ultimately thoughts are not the “objective,” but a tool to get us to feel what soul consciousness is all about.

We need to remember that Baba has mentioned that in order to remember the Father accurately, we need to remember the self first (be in soul consciousness first…) 🙂 Those who can listen….

and here another article about the topic:

Therefore, to answer to your question, the thought merely starts the awareness. It is our job to maintain that through feelings and awareness… (in my experience so far.)

Best wishes!

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  1. chhavi kapoor

    To remember that I am not this physical body (which I can see with my physical eyes) but in fact a point of light, a form of energy is to set myself in the seat of soul consciousness. This is also a thought and it has to be firm and full of faith in order for it to work. Only then will I be able to remember the Supreme being, God. When I know I am nothing but a point of light, I will automatically remember my father, who is also a point of light but unlike me is full of divine virtues. He is my parent and also my friend. I am his child who wants to become just like him. For this to happen, we need a constant practice of considering ourselves to be souls.

    If you have any other query, do let me know by posting here.


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