Comments on Sakar Murli – November 28, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you have to pay full attention to shrimat. The Father’s orders are: Children, remember Me, imbibe knowledge and serve others.
Question: What very good advice does Baba give you children for your progress?
Answer: Sweet children, keep your account. At amrit vela remember the Father with love. Don’t sit in remembrance just in name. Follow shrimat and become soul conscious and become completely merciful and you will continue to make very good progress.

Question:What becomes an obstacle in remembrance?
Answer: The sinful actions you have performed in the past become an obstacle when you sit in remembrance.
You children invoke the Father with your remembrance and Maya tries to make you forget. You have to keep a chart of remembrance. Make effort and you will be threaded in the rosary.

Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop!

Essence for dharna:

1. Perform each act according to shrimat. Do service while being benevolent and merciful to everyone.

2. Instill the firm habit of remembrance. At the time of sitting in remembrance, pay attention that none of your friends or relatives or food and drink etc. are remembered. Maintain a chart of remembrance.

Blessing: May you be honest, trustworthy and faithful and accurately follow shrimat at every second and every step.

Only a soul who follows the signals of shrimat in every action is said to be honest, that is, a trustworthy and faithful soul.
As soon as an honest soul receives Brahmin birth, he would accurately continue to follow at every second and every step the shrimat with which BapDada fills his divine intellect. Just as many things function with the power of science automatically with just a signal and you don’t have to make them work – you just switch them on with light or vibrations and they continue to work, in the same way, honest souls continue to work constantly and naturally with the power of silence.

Slogan: There cannot be any rest or comfort where there is worry.


This Murli was about remembrance and the importance of it. Interestingly that was one of the questions answered yesterday.
Note that in this Murli, remembrance is equated with “invoking God.” Certainly that is a thought and we can only think one thing at the time; therefore, we could not possibly be in remembrance if I have to do some work where mental abilities are required. This is just logical. That is why Baba talked about “having 8 hours of remembrance” as a goal; knowing that most of us work for 8 hours and then have 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

Below some excerpts about remembrance in today’s Murli:

“Your sins will be absolved through remembrance. You are unable to imbibe virtues because many sins have been committed. You are even unable to have remembrance of the Father.”

Note that our “sins,” that is our karmic accounts are the obstacle for remembrance. This remembrance is what we know as “soul consciousness.” Those virtues are already in that experience of soul consciousness, for a Brahmin soul has those sanskaras, which will emerge according to time, triggered by our “effort” to be soul conscious.
That same remembrance is what “reduces” our sins or clears our karmic accounts by the experience of lesser suffering, for greater soul consciousness means, lesser experience of duality. Otherwise, suffering becomes the method to settle karmic accounts.

“The Father says: Children, I have only one method to purify you. Forget all your bodily relations including your body. You souls know that you have been given the order to remember the Father. Only those who follow these orders are called obedient. Those who remember Him less are said to be less obedient. Those who are obedient also claim a high status.”

Note that the whole Brahmin lifestyle is geared towards soul consciousness. In that remembrance to the Father, to be accurate; there has to be soul consciousness. That is what Baba calls to be “obedient.”

“However, those who don’t become soul conscious are unable to imbibe anything.”

As mentioned before, “imbibing knowledge” is a measure of soul consciousness. We cannot “fake” something by acting “elevated.” It should come naturally as a consequence of the experience of soul consciousness.

“At amrit vela remember the Father with love. Don’t sit in remembrance just in name.”

Important point. Remembrance is about experience. Love has a purifying effect in the soul, when it comes as a soul conscious expression of love through feelings.
Many may be following the time table and lifestyle by compulsion. We see faces, but we cannot see hearts…

I like the blessing as well, which in another way is talking about soul consciousness through the power of silence.

“Only a soul who follows the signals of shrimat in every action is said to be honest, that is, a trustworthy and faithful soul.”
The main Shrimat is to remember the Father, also known as; becoming soul conscious.

“Honest souls continue to work constantly and naturally with the power of silence.”
Which comes in the experience of soul consciousness.

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