Question: Dear brother, As I am practicing the soul conscious/awareness of the point stage , I find thoughts are what create the discomfort or pain at the mental level, I understand that is due to karmic settlement process. My question is if a thought is coming to create pain or discomfort, If I am at the conscious level (awareness of the point), where I could easily eliminate the thought that is creating the pain, does that mean the karmic account related to that thought is settled? Or will it come back at a later point in my life?

Thank you for your question! 🙂

A thought becomes repetitive if you give that thought some sort of value. Otherwise, that thought will not repeat or if it comes up you will not feel concerned about it.
Therefore, the karmic account is not related at the thought level but at the sanskara level.

Let us say that I think about this person on a continuous basis. That person just triggers a sanskara in me. It may be that I see that person as charming, beautiful, etc. The sanskara of “falling in love” appears; which shows neediness, something which hasn’t been fulfilled.

Therefore, what is usually known as “healing the heart,” is a temporary patch with a particular person, which we call “karmic account.” But the culprit of it, is a sanskara.
Once that sanskara is submerged through the experience of yoga while in the practice of “the point,” even if the thought about that person emerges, it will not cause you sorrow anymore and at that point, that thought will start to vanish. You could apply this to any situation which is causing you mental sorrow.

A thought causes sorrow once we dwell on it and create an internal movie in “automatic pilot.” Then we add feelings which will make that thought stronger and therefore, we give that thought “life” to reappear at any time, even if we can get rid of it temporarily. However, we need to submerge the sanskara to completely heal the “weakness” to answer your question. That process takes “time” but as BapDada points out, the intensity of our practice could “speed things up.” (Tapasya.)

Best wishes!

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