Question: Dear brother, Can you please explain me about karmic law,I mean how does it work like on energy basis,like the energy which I am sending out to the other person will be energy I will be getting in return and also one more thing that in this birth with whom ever I am in relation with that’s also based on karmic accounts only.

Thank you for your question!

The law of karma is basically how the Drama (the plot of humanity or the history of humanity) unfolds through every “actor,” every soul. The best way to view it is to imagine the story of how something beautiful transforms into something ugly (duality) Now, picture how every second of beauty changes little by little into that which is ugly. Every actor (soul) has that role “inside.” Every action has a repercussion whether we are aware of it or not.

“Energy” (spiritually speaking) is based on our thoughts and feelings. Even though they are not considered to be “actions,” in reality they have a consequence as well. There is a return to it.
If you have good feelings for a person, there will be a return felt on it. If you “fall in love” with a person; you may think that your energy is “good;” but it could be felt as “bad” by that person if there is no retribution, correspondence. However, love is a “good energy,” universally speaking but “falling in love “is not necessarily for it could be disturbing for another. That is why soul consciousness is important, because that energy is “good for all.”

As for your second question, the answer is yes. Your parents are there due to karmic accounts. The web of interactions have already been made in the roles of all the souls that you will be knowing in a lifetime. That is the wonder and beauty of this synchronization, or perfection in destiny.

Best wishes! 🙂

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  1. bhawnabhardwaj

    Thanks for the wonderful answer dear brother,one more thing ,Am in right in saying that its not just parents who are there with us in this birth due to karmic accounts but also every person that we have met in our life and also we will meet in our life.And also meeting all those persons in this birth is specially based on our karmic accounts of our previous birth or it could be of any births of past .


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