AVYAKT BAPDADA – Meeting on November 30, 2012


  1. pmmcur

    today I received World Renewal with the following comments:

    Avyakt Murli was
    interestingly intriguing
    especially when Avyakt
    BapDada stepped aside and
    asked Dadi Gulzarji to
    speak to the gathering.
    Some members of the
    divine family were unable to
    understand this scene, but it
    was so similar to what used
    to happen during Sakar
    days when both Shiv Baba
    and Brahma Baba would
    speak the elevated versions.
    Sakar Baba himself
    explained that the secrets of
    Godly wisdom were being
    revealed directly by the
    Supreme Father, God Shiva,
    followed subsequently by
    sharing of experiences
    from Brahma Baba’s
    Our deardivine sisters
    responsible for BapDada’s
    programmes wisely
    followed the advice of
    Dadi Gulzarji’s spine
    surgeon that she could
    spend about two hours
    during Avyakt BapDada’s
    meeting on 30 November.


  2. avyakt7

    Good catch! As the translator mentioned: “it looks like Dadi Gulzar came back.” The typical voice from BapDada (whisper) was restored at 49:48 into the meeting.
    When I watched the video at the center, the sound wasn’t working right at that moment. It appears that it was an intermittent moment when Dadi was there and then she wasn’t. Regardless, she continued even though those around her seemed a bit in a hurry…


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