Question: Hi brother, my question is that is it so that the one who reach the karmateet stage first in this worldy drama would the first status and so on? Is this the basis of deciding the status in the golden age?

Thank you for your great question!
Not necessarily. Mama achieved the karmateet stage before Brahma Baba. However, Brahma Baba is “fixed” as the number 1 soul and Mama as the 2nd number.

The “basis” for deciding the status in the Golden age according to Sakar Murlis, is your personal “effort.” (to be soul conscious, to do service, etc.) However, as mentioned many times; the roles are already fixed for every soul; therefore, you will get the status that your capacity as a soul allows to, which corresponds to the spiritual efforts that you will be making in your lifetime.

“To everyone according to capacity,” is the slogan. Nevertheless, that capacity is already predestined…but we do not know what it will be; thus, we say that we need to “make maximum effort” now.

Best wishes!

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