Question: Hi brother, you told many times about duality and non duality and non duality means where there is only one consciousness and that is soul consciousness but in golden age when there will be non duality does that also means that all the souls over there will have the same likes and dislikes and they will have same opinions and that they will have same choices and if so then how can there be number wise souls there then. Thanks

Thank you for your good question!
Dear soul,
This question could be fully answered only in the experience of soul consciousness. Words that you have used such as “likes or dislikes, opinions and choices” are out of that consciousness as we know it now; for our understanding of those words bring ego, which is our current experience.

Therefore, the “reason” why there is so much variety nowadays is because our lives are driven by ego. This, (ego) is the most important single thing to be aware of when studying the self. We need great awareness for that.

In the Golden age, the “status” of the soul is what expresses being “numberwise” and that relates with the capacity of the soul to perform a role. You have the King, Queen, subjects, etc. With ego, we perceive that as “non-democratic state of affairs,” and that is because we do not have consciousness of what a role is and what we truly are (souls.) Over there, the consciousness of being souls exist. In that consciousness there is nothing lacking. Thus, they can go happily on with their roles, just as when in an elementary school there is a play and someone will be the “tree,” another kid will be an “elephant,” and the other kid will be the “prince.” They are aware that it is just a play and they have “fun” in it. 🙂

However, once the consciousness of “I” arrives (middle school) then, there will be fights about who will be the “tree” or the “prince,” because in “our minds,” the role of a prince is more “desirable.” (ego.)

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    🙂 BapDada has said: “Be soul conscious and then do whatever you wish.”
    Paraphrasing that: “Be soul conscious and then say whatever you wish.”
    Words are not the issue but the intention behind them will demonstrate your stage.Ego is the “thermometer” to find out if we have the fever of body consciousness or not.


  2. bhawnabhardwaj

    Thanks for your wonderful answer but if I say that at present my opinion for a particular situation is different or my choice is different from another soul or it could be I like this but not that.,does that mean I am not in soul consciousness in that particular moment..pls clarify this


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