AVYAKT MURLI- November 30, 2012 – (1st of season)

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  1. Carolyn

    The teaching has been clearer and clearer. The meeting is about a meeting of souls. The barriers in consciousness are getting subtle and subtler as the confluence age goes along in its tint steps second by second.

    So now for the first time the chariot is able to speak along side the avyakt BapDada. What more, just when everyone is baffled and weakly ready to say goodbye, admidst the chaos the Supreme turns around and connects in full force saying ~ kids, get a grip,you are souls, I am a soul. Did u think I was kidding about Becoming bandsman? On the on hand u are asking why I allowed tragedy to happen and on the other hand you are saying Om Shanti, have u said those words so many times that you do not understand???? You. Are. A. Dot. You are peace and do am I. Now lets do what we have to do as the dramas pages turn. Oh mighty children, have you not learned anything all these years??? You are masters.

    Do not deceive yourself and worry about a meeting when you are already embedded in my Heart.

    Let the wonders begin!!!!


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