Comments on Avyakt Murli – December 2, 2012

In this Avyakt Murli from 1995, we see a change from the ones from 1974: BapDada’s sense of humor is visible. It is a refined, innocent type of humor which gives a notch of color (just like colorful medicine) to the Murlis .
I enjoyed that humor along with the accustomed first lines of “praise” to the children in his poetic style.

Below some points with comments:

“It is only in this one birth at the confluence age that you receive Godly love. So, you now know the difference. There is so much difference between love from souls and love from God. Where did love from ordinary souls take you? What did it make you attain? You have experienced this, have you not? However, where does God’s love take you? To your sweet home and your sweet kingdom. Love for human souls makes you lose your fortune of the kingdom and God’s love enables you to receive your fortune of the kingdom and, that too, in this birth.”

Obviously this is BapDada’s way of explaining that love to God at this time has an objective, that is the destination of the Golden age. Everyone will go to the “sweet home,” but no everyone will experience the Golden age. Love for God is the catalyst to make “effort” despite obstacles in our way; for we know that there is support with us. Even while in soul consciousness, we start “coming down,” the celestial degrees are reduced; however, now is the only time in the whole cycle, when we can “go up,” again.
This explanation does not mean that love to human being is “bad.” It just means that the objective of going “up” can only be reached with God’s love.

“It isn’t that you are moving along on the basis of the future. No, it is at this time that you have direct Godly attainment. Compared to the present, the future is nothing.”

This is an interesting point and a noticeable difference between a Sakar Murli which deals mostly with the future ( i.e.: You will get a kingdom, you are thinking about the new world and the inheritance, you are studying for the new world, etc.) and a typical avyakt Murli, where attainments “NOW” are the important thing. The future is merely a consequence of the present.

“If someone has all attainments, and not a single attainment is lacking, then what specialty would be visible in his activity and on his face? Constant happiness and cheerfulness. No matter what happens, someone who has all attainments cannot let go of his happiness.”

Happiness now is the attainment. This attainment is not related with being in the “land of happiness.” That is why it has been mentioned many times, that “heaven” is a state of being and not a place.

“Because the body affects the mind, you therefore become doubly ill. Because of being doubly ill in the body and the mind, instead of being soul conscious, you repeatedly become illness conscious.”

One of the main “Maryadas” in this knowledge deals with the food we intake. Note that BapDada mentions that the “body affects the mind;” therefore, if we have ingested something which will have a negative influence in the body; this will noticeably affect the mind as well.

“You must never bring any thoughts of illness into your mind and think, “I am ill, I am ill”..”

Our thoughts are our greatest weapon. We can bring lots of pain and sorrow to our body by just thinking negativity.

“When you take medicine, it doesn’t have to remind you of the illness. If you take your medicine under compulsion, then compulsive medicine will remind you of your illness, whereas if you take it with the consciousness of taking it to put strength into your body, the medicine will not then remind you of your illness. If you think that it will give happiness, then, through that medicine, you will be all right in two or three days.”

Note that the quality of our thoughts make a difference. BapDada is aware that this Brahmin life is not easy at all. We are “ill” with body consciousness. Compulsiveness means to just “follow” the rules and regulations without any feeling, without any love. That is just cold brained, dogmatic following. On the other hand, by doing this out of love for God, the medicine will take effect with that sweetness.

“Baba saw the good news that, in the majority, each server has a lot of love for Baba and a lot of enthusiasm for service. Leaving aside the 25% who may be moving along under compulsion, Baba saw both these aspects in the minds of the majority of children.”

Love versus Compulsion. Externally, they may look similar; they may follow the “rules,” but surely it tastes different.

“You lack the power of concentration and the power of determination.”

We cannot have good yoga, without those two powers.

“Waste thoughts become the greatest work and those attract you.”

When we lack awareness, waste appears and take us away from “focusing,” concentrating our mind in yoga. Waste could appear at any moment. We need to be aware of it. That is to check ourselves at every moment, until it becomes a habit.

“…Because the power of determination is scattered, the mind and intellect, which you want to keep set, fluctuate.”

Determination means the willful desire to accomplish a task. Determination is not compulsiveness to get something done.

“Service that disturbs you or others is not service; it is selfishness. It is not service. When there is fluctuation it is because of one selfish motive or another. When either your own selfishness or that of others is not fulfilled, there is disturbance in service. All of you should serve by being detached and loving: detached from selfishness and loving in your relationships with everyone.”

This is a very important point to remember. Let us not do something which we perceive as “service,” when there is any kind of felt disturbance. It may be our own selfishness, which means that we need time to realize and lose an opportunity to serve, or it may be selfishness of others, which we have the right to recognize and to step out. We shouldn’t take sorrow out of service, nor give sorrow by doing “service.”

“You have to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee having become a diamond. It is not that you just have to celebrate it, but you have to become a diamond and celebrate it.”

Becoming brings its own celebration.

“You have to become conquerors of Maya and conquerors of the world. So, how can you become conquerors of the world without conquering Maya?”

Conquering Maya is not for little children. A master is required.

“For Brahmins, you have had the discipline from the beginning that everything should be of the middle level: not too simple and not too royal.”

Something to keep always in mind. It is the balance of the “middle” when there are 2 extremes. That balance is brought by our own assessment and good judgment of things, for evidently what is “royal” for some may be “too simple” for others.

“This is why BapDada said today: The specialty of those who are true Brahmins, those who aim to have an elevated life, is happiness. Even if someone is insulting you, your face should not have any wave of sorrow. You should just remain cheerful.” …“Cheerfulness means a spiritual smile: not an external smile, but a spiritual smile. So, what was today’s lesson? To be constantly free from unhappiness and to remain happy.”

A true Brahmin is a happy cheerful Brahmin, displaying a spiritual smile in his lips.

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