Question: Dear brother, If a soul is second timer Brahmin, is it safe to say they would have settled most of their karmic account in the first time and what is left to settle will be less in the second time? Meaning less suffering in the current birth with the exception of settlement for the current birth action?

Thank you for your question!
Let us remember that “less suffering” as “more happiness” is a subjective state which varies according to the role to play.
Let us say that you are married and that your wife is not in the knowledge. As a consequence you suffer, because you have to put up with many things to keep peace at home. Are you having less suffering than being by yourself all the time and feeling lonely? Every role is distinct, different and there is no way to compare them. We cannot assume that “most of the karmic accounts have been settled” but we can safely assume that following the maryadas and “getting” the knowledge will be easier the second time, because the Sankaras are there already.

Best wishes!


  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti.
    Yes, one may be in a situation where one has to put up with his/her spouse who is against the BK life style. OR, one might have ‘renounced’ his/her spouse and gained ‘full freedom’ to continue as a BK. And there are Kumars and kumaris too.

    Each soul belonging to any of the above categories might be finding it difficult to lead a true BK life… it could be the ‘opposition to BK life’ which one has to face or, the feeling of loneliness as a consequence of being separated from the loved ones, or being a kumar/kumari and longing for a companion .

    BUT, luckily, each problem has a solution. 🙂 Today i will deal with the first category to which i belong to…i had tried a few things to check whether i had any subtle chains of attachment that was making me hang on to the strained lokik relationships. The inspiration came after reading a murali many years ago in which Baba asked us to ‘rehearse’ certain ‘difficult/ unexpected) situations and to prepare ourselves to be ever ready. i carried out these tests also because some BKs used to tell me that i was not able to let go of the lokik relationships and lead a life of freedom because of my attachment to them. 🙂

    Then i visualised quite ‘frightening/ painful’ situations (according to lokik world) and watched my response to those events. Fortunately, i remained quite calm… After a few years, i happened to come across some shocking revelations and also had faced grave situations which were least expected, but found myself stable.

    There are instances when i became emotional and my eyes became moist… but i was not ashamed.. i realised that i still have to work on my self and have to overcome the subtle attachments. i have come this far, and am sure my Guide would make me completely victorious…

    yad pyar,


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