Question: Hi brother, thanks a lot for your reply,I have developed a better understanding after that,but them again some questions came into my mind that what is the difference between soul and its subtle body?And can you please tell me after reaching karmateet stage,is mama still in her birth playing her part?And which dadi ji are you talking about in your post who used to come in dadi gulzar’s body?And is it not so,that those who reach there karmateet stage stay in subtle world only.

Thank you for your questions!
Difference between soul and subtle body? In a nutshell they represent our “being” in every region of the “3 worlds.” That is why we are a “multi-dimensional” beings. From the perspective of a soul, there is no time neither movement. From the perspective of the subtle body; there is no time, nor sound but there is movement and from the perspective of the physical body; there is time, there is sound and there is movement. Our consciousness dictates what we perceive.
As you can see, the subtle body and the physical body are “dresses” of the “unmovable,” timeless soul. Every “dress” have their own manifestation and connection with the soul.

“Mama” is playing a part in the “advanced party.” This is something “new” which Sakar Murlis do not mention. The “advanced party” are the ones making preparations for what will be the Golden age in the future. Their roles are incognito and BapDada hasn’t revealed too much about them. The need to explain further about them arose when Mama “left the body.”

Something similar happened with Dadi Ji (Dadi Prakashmani.) She became “karmateet,” but she is playing a “special part” now. On the other hand, Brahma Baba, became “karmateet” and went to the subtle region to “sustain” the Brahmin clan.(Without that “sustenance” there was no way in the whole world, that I would have become a Brahmin soul.)

As you can see. there are different parts that a soul could play even after becoming karmateet, for the cycle of time hasn’t finalized yet. Also, you have the “Second timer Brahmins,” like myself and I bet… you; for the questions that you are asking are not “normal,” for most BKs to ask.

That is as much information as I can share about these topics. Perhaps other Brahmin souls may comment and add more, but be aware that these topics do not fall into “churning gyan,” but into “speculation.” Anything further; we will find out as time moves on and BapDada reveals…and as our understanding and EXPERIENCE increases.

Best wishes!


  1. bhawnabhardwaj

    My second question is “when we do angelic meditation is it that we take energy from Brahma Baba soul who is there with his subtle body?or do we take energy from Bapdada(god Shiva who is in connection with Brahma baba soul who is there with his subtle body)?


    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,
      I have expressed the “seed” of it. I do not have quotes of what BapDada has mentioned about it, but If I find them, I will publish them. (From Murlis.)



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