Question: Hi brother, You told in your post that “it is Brahma and also his connection with god I.e Bapdada has changed from sakar days till now”. Please explain me this and how shiv baba comes in Brahma baba if he never thinks and if he is constantly there in paramdham only,pls clarify this and also when you told that Bks experiencing the company of god is Brahma only not shiv baba as he doesn’t think Then you mean to say it is Brahma baba only who is doing service or you mean to say shiv baba through baba as shiv baba does service through others ,please clarify and explain this also,I am waiting

Thank you for your question!
It looks like the email form wasn’t working again, so this time all questions will come directly to the “feedback” in this site. That means that I will not be able to answer questions as quickly but, I will get your questions in a more reliable way.

You are not asking simple questions there… so bear with me in this long explanation.

Brahma Baba was an “effort maker.” Just like you and I. The difference is that He is the number #1 soul, according to his capacity to become soul conscious. When Brahma Baba first started having experiences back in 1936 or so, He didn’t know what was happening. Obviously, he explained these things through the devotional knowledge that he had. Even He thought that he was God for some years. What it is very hard for souls to understand is that God, Shiva is the “purifier” as long as there is a connection from us. God exists, but He is not quite the way “devotional knowledge” has explained. Divine knowledge has appeared through Brahma Baba. Obviously, we can note in the Sakar Murli, the types of sanskaras that he had, and we can also appreciate that those sanskaras have changed, in the avyakt Murlis. That is his spiritual journey and I know that for experience, because it is happening to all effort maker Brahmins, whether we realize it or not.

That is some background information to answer your first question.

Now, the part the “God comes in Brahma Baba.” I have also mentioned that we shouldn’t take things literally. I also have mentioned that “God is bound by the Drama” according to the Murli, and I also have mentioned that “we do not learn, but we remember.” Basically, every soul has a role already “recorded.” God may be the trigger for it to unfold in Brahma Baba, or maybe something else happened. I can only speculate. I don’t know. The only one who knows that accurately is Brahma Baba. No one else could know that. I have written an article when I explained that (

On the second part of your question, I can see that you are beginning to “interpret” what I said. That is good, for that gives me the opportunity to clarify.
You talk about Parandham and Shiva being “only” there.

Parandham is not a “place,” as we know it. Shiva is a soul. Pure soul. It is our experience to feel God with us or inside us, or merged with Him, because for a soul there are no boundaries OR we can delimit those 3 regions as we have learned and say: Shiva is in Parandham. Subtle Brahma in only in the subtle region. His soul is in the subtle region with him now (how is that possible if souls are only in Parandham?) However, Dadi Ji has taken a physical body, but her subtle body as Dadi Ji, can still be experienced through Dadi Gulzar, etc… 🙂

You see where I am coming from? It is our “physical understanding” which will not allow us to see beyond rationality and logic which only exists in the physical realm because we are bound by physical laws when in the experience of body consciousness. Otheriwse, we are “multi-dimensional” beings. My body of light is already there. My sister have “seen it,” even though her physical vision is impaired, but I have physical vision now but unable to see it. I have felt it only; how is that possible?

Logic cannot answer that. You have to experience it to understand it and then it will be without any rational answer.
So my answer to you is, you will need to experience this, but for now, you have knowledge which as you “practice it,” you will develop a sense of knowing without “rational” understanding. Rational understanding is a very superficial way of knowing, but that is what our educational system values the most.

On you last question about Brahma Baba.

Brahma Baba is the founder of the Brahmin clan. God is there for all religions as all religions believe to have closeness to God or that God founded their religion through someone. God is “just there” for all, without taking sides. Brahma Baba’s connection with God has allowed him to “purify” the self and to become angelic, according to the Drama. In that respect, we can say that “God founded this religion,” but also we can see that every religion emerges at a particular time with a particular founder or avatar, who is believed to be of Divine origin.

Brahma Baba sustains now the Brahmin clan, but He has that connection with God, which is known as BapDada. He is One with God, merged, etc. How?
I have also said that at the soul level there is no “separation.” Remember that?? 🙂

That is why in the first avyakt Murli (when Brahma Baba left the body) He mentioned that: “BapDada will be known as God, at the confluence age.” Evidently, only Brahmin souls experience the confluence age. See?

The keyword is always been to me “Experience” …before “theory.”

Hope this is helpful. Thank you for your challenging questions.

Best wishes!


    • bhawnabhardwaj

      My second question is “when we do angelic meditation is it that we take energy from Brahma Baba soul who is there with his subtle body?or do we take energy from Bapdada(god Shiva who is in connection with Brahma baba soul who is there with his subtle body)?


      • avyakt7

        Dear soul, It is from whoever you think is coming. What is important is the experience. Who or what brings it, is just something to discuss at a “tea party,” it will be your opinion against mine and someone else’s experience.

        Bottom line is called Experience.

        Best wishes!


    • bhawnabhardwaj

      Hi brother,
      Thankyou for your reply,now that I have developed a better understanding through your replies and post,I want to ask you that you wrote in your reply that “Subtle Brahma in only in the subtle region. His soul is in the subtle region with him now (how is that possible if souls are only in paramdham?)”.
      Here,you mean to say that it is Brahma baba soul along with his subtle body in the subtle region?or shiv baba in connection with or in Brahma baba soul(who is there with his subtle body)?please clarify this,if possible. Thankyou very very much brother.


  1. bharatdesai06

    Just small discrepency: It is Param Dham, Highest of Highs(Param) Abode(Dham) and not Parandham, also called Shanti Dham, Mukti Dham, Nirvana Dham.
    Also, as per Murli, A Soul which descends as per his Number in each Kalp does not go to Param Dham in that Kalp, but All Souls go together at the end of confluence age. But, I assume from all discussions that there has to be a Carry Forward Group from this Kalp to Next, to receive Golden Aged Souls, called Advanced Party.
    Chariot of Shiv Baba is only One & that is Brahma whose Consciousness is Awaked by Shiv Baba at exact moment as per Drama. Post 1969, Avyakt Brahma Baba continues his Task of establishing Religion of Purity & Love & Peace, the Deity Religion as per Drama with larger reach to touch the Souls World Over through His Chariot Gulzar Dadi as BapDada as He has attained the Stage as Bap Saman, Like Father. These are my understandings & I stand corrected if there is some missing link.
    Thanks for all your Beautiful & Divine Churnings.
    Om Shanti.


  2. bhawnabhardwaj

    Hi brother,
    Thankyou for your reply,now that I have developed a better understanding through your replies and post,I want to ask you that you wrote in your reply that “Subtle Brahma in only in the subtle region. His soul is in the subtle region with him now (how is that possible if souls are only in paramdham?)”
    You mean to say that Brahma baba’s soul along with his subtle body is there?


    • avyakt7

      What I meant to say is that we cannot have “definitions” as where the soul should “be” and where the subtle body should be. “Location” is something that we use in the physical world only. There are a couple articles here about the “location” of the soul. 🙂


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