Question: Dear brother, As I am feeling “the self”, I am starting to enjoy that feeling and the experience, however outside things, including relationships do not seem to have any effect on me, but the souls (non bk) I come into contact have complained that I am being careless and not being myself, but infact it is the true self of myself (that is what I feel), please share your thoughts as I may not be doing this right?

Thank you for your question!
🙂 Dear soul, when you feel the self, there is no doubt that you are “feeling it,” for bliss will be felt along with inner fulfillment (in my experience.) Whatever input you get from the outside does not matter at this point, for continuing with this practice will bring its own changes at their due time. The reward of this practice resides in the pleasurable sensation in itself.

It is like tasting the sweetness of a candy bar, enjoy it. Let others complain about the paper wrapping. Once you are the candy itself by continuous taste of it, sweetness will be your middle name.

Best wishes!

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