Comments on Sakar Murli – December 5, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you have received the third eye of knowledge. You have become trikaldarshi, but you cannot be given those ornaments at this time because you are effort-makers.

Question: While living at home with your family you definitely have to perform actions, but what one thing do you have to be very cautious about?
Answer: While performing actions and interacting with everyone, be very cautious about food. Don’t eat food prepared by impure human beings.
Continue to protect yourselves. Don’t become renunciates of action, but definitely take precautions. You are karma yogis. While performing actions, stay in remembrance of the Father and your sins will be absolved.

Essence for dharna:

1. Conquer Maya with the power of knowledge and yoga by following shrimat. Have your sins absolved before destruction takes place.

2. In order to claim the unlimited kingdom, continue to protect yourself in every way. Be very cautious about being affected by the food you eat.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who flies with zeal and enthusiasm by having a right to co-operation through closeness of the heart.

The children who remain constantly close to the Father’s heart even while sitting far away receive a right to co-operation and they will continue to receive co-operation till the end. Therefore, with the awareness of this right, neither become weak or disheartened nor become an ordinary effort-maker in your efforts. The Father is combined with you and you must and therefore become an intense effort-maker with constant zeal and enthusiasm and continue to move forward. Hand over your weaknesses and disheartenment to the Father and just keep zeal and enthusiasm with yourself.

Slogan: Continue to place your footsteps in the steps of shrimat and the destination of perfection will come close.

On this Murli Baba mentions about the importance of remembrance and following Shrimat to “arrive” at our destination. Note that Baba is disputing the validity of some ideas which were held by devotional individuals at that time. The main concern from Baba’s perspective is to show that God is not omnipresent and that Gods is incorporeal, for this Baba uses the name “Shiva,” as an identifier from any other known God of the time. Also note about the precaution with food, which is something that the avyakt Murli from last Sunday mentioned (12/2/12.) Food is a very important item to consider if we want to “improve” in this spiritual life. Today is the “Christmas party” at work, so certainly this point will be remembered….(I will respond to questions on the blog as soon as I have the chance today…)

Below some Murli points to churn.

“You children know that Baba has now come to establish the original eternal deity religion. There is establishment through Brahma, destruction through Shankar and sustenance through Vishnu. Truly, these three acts are taking place at this time.”
Note that “sustenance” is typically viewed as the time of the “Golden and Silver ages.” In this context Baba is referring to “Godly sustenance.” That “establishment” is made through “changing human beings into Deities,” that is Godly knowledge allow us (Brahmin souls) to emerge deity sanskaras. Physical establishment as we know, is a task of the “Advanced Party.” Note that these concepts could be interpreted in many different ways, therefore; it is very important to know the context of the Murli. The popular : “Baba said,” should be understood under a context.

“You are now the grandchildren of Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba has one child. From one, so many of you continue to become children.”
This is interesting for Baba plays with the concepts of gyan. In some Murlis, everyone is a child of God, yet in another ones; only BKs are the “true” children and today only Brahma is the child and the rest of us, “grandchildren.” Today’s view is very similar to Christianity. Christ is the child of God, and even though the rest of us are children of God, Christ has a greater status than any other child.
This is one of the reasons why religions get in “trouble.” The sense of being the “only ones,” is but just a perception based on an experience. But, when we know about the Drama and how it is beneficial for all, then that concept of being “the only ones, the truly anointed ones,” etc. is dispelled. When that goes away, a sense of brotherhood appears.

“Rudra and Shiv Baba are one and the same. As is the form of Shiva, so is the form of Rudra….”
As per yesterday’s churning. “Rudra” is yet another label to refer to the same entity, God.
“The sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Shiva. “Shiv Baba” is said, not “Rudra Baba”. Shiv Baba is called the Innocent Lord. This is the sacrificial fire of Shiv Baba.”
🙂 Here, we see Brahma Baba’s predilection for the name “Shiva.” As we will see later on.

“They say that Shiva and Shankar are one and the same. Shankar is a resident of the subtle region, so how would he relate a story? He cannot be called knowledge-full.”
🙂 Shiva and Shankar is like Shiva and Rudra (see yesterday’s link on Wikipedia.) The devotional aspect of Brahma Baba’s explanation of gyan is clearly seen here, for there is no Shankar in the subtle region. This is just to clarify aspects to devotional understanding at the time. Hope that these items are clearly seen now.

“You know that you have received the third eye of knowledge. They show deities with a third eye. However, it is the third eye of knowledge which you Brahmins receive. Through this you become deities.”
Baba is just referring to Gyan. The understanding of it in a numberwise manner, “opens our third eye.”

“They have then written in the scriptures that so-and-so was killed and that it was done with the discus of self-realization.”
As we can see that is the devotional understanding which has been used by Brahma Baba is many Murlis to explain that we can “cut the heads of the devils,” meaning Maya, by spinning the discus of self realization.

“There are many stories. There are many different stories in every religion. All of those are the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. They perform devotion in order to meet God. They have been performing devotion for half the cycle, and yet no one has found God.”
Those stories were meant to maintain the significance of some knowledge. Knowledge could be disguised through a story so it is not changed by anyone through time. However, the issue is when we interpret those stories at “face value.” Note that Baba mentions that before, “no one has found God;” however, under the perspective and experience of other souls; they had. The visions, the “miracles,” the “self-transformations,” etc; all of that has been experienced by others in other paths. This is something to keep in mind.

“This is the kingdom of Ravan. People say: We want the kingdom of Rama, the new deity kingdom in New Delhi. The golden and silver ages are the kingdom of Rama. The copper and iron ages are the kingdom of Ravan.”
The issue with associating copper and iron ages with Ravan, is that we automatically think “BAD,” for Ravan is “bad.” This is something that we need to clear out from our intellects, for there is nothing “bad,” in the Drama as everything that happens in it is needed as it is. See that? This is a perspective of “pure gyan.”

“This is karma yoga; there cannot be renunciation of action.”
Acting is the “soul” of the Drama. (Hope no one interprets the word “soul” as used here as if I am saying that the Drama has a soul.)

“This is why you are told to take precautions. You shouldn’t eat food prepared by impure people.”
Food is truly important. The concept of “impure” has even changed. Would you eat food by someone who practices celibacy but h is not a Brahmin soul? Would you eat food prepared by a Brahmin soul who in a numberwise manner practices the maryadas? What is the extent of your concept of being pure?
Food for thought.. 🙂

“When you continue to explain to them, it will eventually enter their intellects that this is right. If the duration of the golden age were hundreds of thousands of years, the population would be very large. Now, the population is even less than other religions because they have been converted into other religions.”
Note that here Hindus at the time were considered the ones belonging to the “Original Deity religion.” That was a time when only people from Bharat were thought to be part of Deitism. Obviously this has changed as we can see now. Also, the point on the population on Earth is the strongest evidence for the cycle of time to be 5000 years. Note that this cycle of time is for those elements which are part of the Drama. Also note that our perception of the Drama goes along with whatever is in our role to perceive. That is why, to be soul conscious means to step out from the role.

“You have to conquer Ravan. It is remembered that those who conquer Maya conquer the world. You have to conquer the five vices. You have to renounce the extreme darkness. There are many gurus in Bharat: each woman’s husband is her guru. So, why is there so much degradation?”
Baba is “shaking us “ into awareness on those lines. “Wake up! This is what you have to do now.” At the same time, there is so much degradation because the “celestial degrees” keep coming down according to the unlimited play.

“They say that everyone is a form of God: I am God. So, with whom should we have yoga? In that case, devotion should also end. So, to whom are you calling out when you say, “Oh God!”? For whom are you making spiritual endeavour? God Himself would not fall ill.”
This is Baba’s demonstration that God is not omnipresent.

“Make as much effort as you want now. You have to look after your children etc. You mustn’t become cowards. Follow shrimat at every step. Continue to remember the Father, that’s all! It is this that requires effort.”
Note that Baba encourages for us to continue in our lives with whatever responsibilities we have at the time. We cannot renounce actions, but we have to sensible not to add additional burden in our lives at this time. At any rate, remembrance is what is needed to go ahead.


  1. SRK

    Shankar resides in subtle region. He is responsible for destruction thru knowledge

    You made a similar statement a few weeks back. Subtle region comes only @ confluence age and does not exist all the time


    • avyakt7

      Dear Bro.
      I have stated that according to Hindu Bhakti, Shankar is another name for Shiva. I have stated that Brahma is the only subtle being that exists. Vishnu is a representation of many things, but certainly not a subtle being “residing in the subtle region.” The same is with Shankar.
      There is no “destruction through” someone. There is just destruction as a “natural” process of duality.

      I have also stated that the subtle region exists all the time, for everything that exists have always existed and the subtle region is beyond time. That we are aware of it at the “confluence age” is a different thing.

      Best wishes! 🙂


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