Question: Dear brother, I have read in an article on net that during the time of destruction all the Bk souls will be saved i.e.they will not leave their bodies and also another thing that during that time people will have visions of deities through us and also that all the souls will come to know and have visions of what they have done during all their births. Are all these informations true?please clarify.Thankyou.

Thank you for your question!

According to “pure gyan,” that cannot be possible unless it is some sort of patronizing story implying that everyone needs to be a BK, which in gyan, we know is not possible. “All the BK souls will be saved.”
Saved from what? We are immortal souls. Nothing could ever happen other than “change bodies.” Isn’t this knowledge? 🙂 BKs not leaving “their bodies”? Isn’t the Murli saying all the time that “it is time to go home?” 🙂

As far as people having visions… 🙂 People can have visions of anything. Certainly I am not opposed to that. BapDada many times mentions things in “general.” Referring to all “BKs.” However, we should know by now that everything is a numberwise game and unless we have reached a degree of spiritual perfection, no one will have a vision from us, just because we dress in white and wear a badge. As far as having a “vision of all the things that we have done in our births<" that would be a very loooong movie… which will repeat again. Now, if you mean "we will have a vision of all the bad things we have done." then that will be another 2500 years long movie with the only good thing that there will not be any commercials in it… 🙂

Come on! We know about the roles "being recorded" in us. Why get "punished" for something that we will repeat again? Why inflict suffering for something that we cannot do anything about to "fix"?
However, in the unlimited; even those things that were "sinful" were beneficial for the Drama to be the way it is. It is all cause and effect.

What will be at the end is suffering through our own vices. When is time to leave the body, unless we have experienced enough soul consciousness, attachment and ego will be there and that feeling will bring suffering in a numberwise manner.

As a kid my parents liked to watch "spanish soap operas." I recall about this guy laying in bed in his last moments, crying like a baby saying " I don't want to die… I don't want to die…" That is the way he died. That is suffering. No need for further movies and visions, don't you think? That is why while we are living we need to experience what is eternal.

I hope I answered your question.

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    Great points there, dear sister.

    If we have any sort of body consciousness left, that will be merely the consequences of “unsettled karma” from many births. There will be suffering there in the process of changing bodies. That is enough for me. No need for extra “visuals.” 🙂

    As you mentioned, we could perceive a “long movie” in just seconds; and as I mentioned before; not everything that we hear in the Murli we can take at face value; for Baba was making his point for the intellect of “little children” who needed to be “scared” so they can “shape up.”
    However, you may be completely right…. 😉


  2. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti.
    Heard from near death experiences and from one of my relatives who was undergoing an operation that we can ‘see’ quite a few incidents of life in quick succession and in great detail in a very short time (of the physical world). Here, the ‘time’ seems to expand and contract at the same time! 🙂

    Baba also says that we will see all our ‘wrong doings’ before leaving for Paramdham and ‘feel bad’ about our behaviour and also experience pain and suffering (to the extent we had given it to others). That pain and (delayed) repentance is what is called ‘punishment’.

    One would still commit the same mistakes next kalpa, but one realises his/ her mistakes every kalpa before leaving for Paramdham and thus his/ her sanskars get ‘adjusted’ to his original sanskars and he becomes satopradhan, numberwise.

    So, commercials have no space there, they are not needed. 🙂

    yad pyar,


    • B.K.Gayathri

      Want to add a few more words.. Baba also mentions in the muralis. “You will be shown all your sins. Only then the ‘punishment’ will be given. It all takes a few seconds but you will experience it to be many years.” (not the exact quote though)

      i learnt from the NDE (near death experiences) of some souls that it was true; they have seen their mistakes/ blunders first and then they just ‘moved in to the shoes of the victim’ and experienced exactly what all pain, sorrow, insult they went through.

      They have also seen scenes from their lives where in they gave happiness to others and experienced the other party’s happiness too. The NDE people also wondered as to how they were able to see and experience all that in such a short period of time.

      Long live Einstein bhai!

      So, dear brother Luis, it is not going to be a separate severe ‘punishment’ in the subtle region, it would be just a review of our past life/ lives where we have given sorrow to others because of our vices. And then the soul recognises his fault and re emerges his forgotten/ neglected, original sanskars whole heartedly with realisation.

      So, the story will have a good ending (every kalpa) !

      Let us finish all our vices while we are still here and leave as little as possible so that we will not have to repent too much later on. Let us get busy with our job.

      yad pyar,


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