Comments on Sakar Murli – December 6, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you have to celebrate the festival of Shiv Jayanti with a lot of pomp and splendour.
This is a day of great happiness for you. Give everyone the Father’s introduction.

Question: Which children cause great harm to themselves? When do they incur a loss?
Answer: The children who stop studying while moving along cause themselves great harm. Every day Baba gives so many diamonds and jewels and tells you so many deep points. If you don’t study regularly, you incur a loss. You would fail, lose your elevated sovereignty of heaven and destroy your status.

Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off.

Essence for dharna:

1. Don’t decorate that old body. Live simply and make preparations to go to your new home.

2. Bathe in knowledge every day. Never miss the study.

Blessing: May you be powerful and healthy by eating instant and fresh fruit every day of the confluence age.

The speciality of the confluence age alone is that you receive multimillionfold return of one and you also receive instant and visible fruit. The minute you do service, you immediately receive the fruit of that in the form of happiness. Those who eat instant, that is, fresh fruit are powerful and healthy; no weaknesses can come to them. Weaknesses come when you become careless and sleep in the sleep of Kumbhakarna. Remain alert and all the powers will remain with you and you will remain constantly healthy.

Slogan: Follow Father Brahma alone and imbibe virtues from everyone else.


This Murli is about continuing to study. Baba is showing us that without getting those “jewels” every day when hearing the Murli, then our intellects will be distracted, we will become careless as the blessing today mentioned, and that means to “step away” from the Father.

Murli points:

“The children who stop studying while moving along cause themselves great harm. Every day Baba gives so many diamonds and jewels and tells you so many deep points. If you don’t study regularly, you incur a loss. You would fail, lose your elevated sovereignty of heaven and destroy your status.”

Gyan is to be imbibed. However, to churn gyan will take our minds away from the mundane and we will be able to recognize many new points which will improve our understanding. Therefore, our “devotional” knowledge will diminish and with that the opportunity to explain gyan under a more “universal” light will be available to us.
This knowledge is truly amazing, but if we are stuck in a particular religious background to explain it, other souls belonging to other faiths, will be reluctant to open up.

“This night and day is for human beings. There isn’t night and day for Shiv Baba.” “I come when it is the night of Brahma.” “You have now begun to start moving towards the morning.”

God does not experience duality. Only human beings experience that.

“The old world changes and becomes new. The iron age is the old age and the golden age is the new age. Then the silver age is 25% old and the copper age is 50% old. The name of the age also changes. Everyone would call the iron age the old world.”

In this explanation, we can see that nothing remains the same. It is like the 4 seasons. To explain the knowledge of “entropy” or “celestial degrees” diminishing with the labels of “new” and “old” represents a problem. We automatically think “New = good,” “old=bad.”

On the other hand, if we use the 4 seasons to explain that process, we will not be caught up with an absolute value such as to say : “Everyone would call the iron age the old world.” For that is not the case. For a “new” soul, the iron age is not the “old world.” However, the “winter time,” of the cycle, is good for those who like cold weather, and it is not that good for those who like it warmer; but when using the 4 seasons we do not use absolute values like “good and bad” to make a point.

Little children understand absolute values. Grown up children should be able to see something else.

“ The Father is called Ishwar (God).”

That is yet another name for God.

“You are about to go to your in-laws’ home in the new world.”

“When it was your in- laws’ house, there were palaces studded with diamonds and jewels; there were a lot of riches.”

In both items, Baba uses the figure of marriage to explain that we will go to the “Golden age.” Note that palaces and riches is the “attraction” of the day. However, in a place where everyone has riches and jewels; the “value” of those things is not the same as our perception right now.

“Only Brahma is remembered as Prajapita.”

In Christianity and other religions that will be Adam.

“ The Father has explained that this is a cycle of 5000 years. When you children hold an exhibition, also write this in it: We showed you this exhibition 5000 years ago and also explained to you how you can claim your inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father. We are once again celebrating Trimurti Shiva Jayanti exactly as we did 5000 years ago. You definitely have to write these words.”

This is a categorical statement. The cycle of time in what our roles perceive to be the Drama, lasts 5000 years. Baba is not considering in that time frame a Galaxy out there which scientists think exists 100 light years away from us. This knowledge is about the perception that is already in the roles of souls. Some people choose to believe in science and their theories of millions of years and hundreds of light years, without realizing that a fish cannot have a map of the ocean. Without realizing that for a fish, a seagull is a monster, and evil monster. It is all about perceptions and all about roles. To accept the cycle of time takes more than “scientific proof;” it takes an experience and at the same time realization through the other aspects of knowledge.

5000 years for a cycle of time in this world, the Earth, is not just a belief once the experience is there to go with it. Otherwise, doubts will arise. It is easier to believe in those things which do not imply change of self or our behaviors, specially if they come endorsed by people who our society deem to be knowledgeable.

“God is the Highest on High in the drama. Then there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. We can tell you the occupation of all these three and what their parts are.”

“The occupation of the 3.” As mentioned many times Vishnu and Shankar are merely representations. Those labels do not identify a being.

“There is natural beauty there. That is the land established by God.
Now it is the devilish land.”

Again, we go into the “good and bad” extremes. Beauty is a perception.

“If some don’t come to a centre, they are causing themselves a loss. If some don’t come to study, you should write to them: You are not studying and through this there will be great loss for you. Day by day, many deep points emerge. These are diamonds and jewels. If you don’t study you will fail. You will lose the sovereignty of such an elevated heaven. You should hear the murli every day. If you leave such a Father, remember that you will fail and then cry a great deal.”

Good point to remember. Nowadays it may not mean necessarily to “go to a center,” but to hear the Murli and even better than that, to imbibe it and churn it.

“ Those who don’t come should be cautioned. Shrimat says: If you don’t study, your status will be destroyed. There will be a loss. Write to them in this way, because only then will you be able to uplift your school very well.”

A note on tact here. The above may apply to some but not to others. Not to be taken literally. Caution is advised.

“ Let it not be that if someone doesn’t come, you just forget about him. A teacher would be concerned that if many of his students don’t pass, he would lose his honour. Baba writes that there isn’t very much service happening at your centre. Perhaps you just continue to sleep all the time.”

Basically, external “service” is of no use unless the students attending a particular center receive some sort of sustenance from the center. However, the aim should be to help develop self-sustaining souls who are not dependent on anything or anyone to “survive” as a Brahmin soul.


  1. ahnanda

    Thank you for sharing your “churning.” It has interesting points. However, this is no longer the place for BK knowledge as this blog has evolved into a universal sharing for all human beings and for the common good. The reason these BK writings are here is because this blog shows the journey from Avyakt7 into Ahnanda. However, I will post your writing next week (unless you don’t want to- then let me know) in my other blog, not as a comment but as a write up, here: which is geared to BKs. Just in case you do not know, avyakt7 is no longer a BK, but I am sharing my experiences there. All the best.


  2. Javier Gómez

    Dear brother
    Om Shanti
    I want to share with you a churning that I’ve had lately. I would like you to consider it carefully, with open mind and share your opinion with me; especially the “why would you not agree” with the issues that you consider so. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

    Challenging the stone intellect
    Baba tells us that only 8 souls understand Him correctly, the rest being numerical; and a few, who will be the rulers of the world, manage to understand the Drama. Is it because knowledge is not churned enough, with an open mind, devoid of prejudice and conditioning, many associated with bhakti or is it individual fortune to understand up to a certain level?
    Reaching vigyan, the experience of silence full of meaning, is a very difficult transit, perhaps impossible for someone who is too conditioned by bhaktigyan (gyan mixed with bhakti) or who is content to just listen and not go deep.
    As teachers, I feel that we should no longer be afraid that the term will be misinterpreted: “If it’s in the Drama (or in my role) I will make efforts”, because ‘would stop making efforts ´. This idea may be true, but it should not be used as an excuse for not doing what needs to be done, follow shrimat. Although remembering Baba may be the most difficult (or the easiest?), It is also true that the more we understand the Gyan, the easier the memory is.
    This essay is just an attempt to explain, in a nutshell, issues as complex as:
    * “Drama is Predestined”
    * “I (God) am also tied to Drama”
    * The “Philosophy of Karma” (lawless).
    * “Existence in Parandham”, beyond time and space.
    * “Drama inspires your efforts”
    * Freedom of choice and Predestination
    * “Eternally fixed roles” and “Karmic accounts”
    * In cyclical time “the past is the same future”; its implications.
    * “Cycle after cycle” implies a linear sequence in time
    By churning them, you can access a new level of understanding.
    It is a fearless adventure. For some it will be like trying to decipher a coan (a riddle in zen), something that cannot be named, because it automatically loses its essence and can only be experienced in silence. It is necessary to get out of the limiting scheme of words and look from another perspective, unlimited consciousness.
    For 36 years I have been fascinated by the possibility of “Staying stable in the meaning of Drama” (Mama’s favorite slogan). I’m not bragging about fully understanding Drama and I don’t have any writing talent either. I love going deep into the Gyan and this document is a humble attempt to explain personal accomplishments that seem very logical to me but are generally not discussed among the Brahma Kumaris.
    Sometimes I have to repeat some concepts, because they are lost from view very easily and are crucial for understanding other topics, which requires associating several key ideas. It could also happen that in some cases apparently it contradicts some points, that happens because of the attempt to put into words something that is unmentionable, such as really understanding eternity.
    Baba has said that in the end science will help corroborate the Gyan. To reach these conclusions, I have considered some points of modern scientific currents such as quantum physics, anthropocentrism and epigenetics, among others.
    I suggest that you answer the questions in part two before reading your answers. I think it would make this adventure more interesting! I would greatly appreciate your feedback, it would be very helpful to me.
    School Gyan and Bhaktigyan
    Baba teaches us very deep matters in a masterful way by adapting His explanation to all levels of consciousness and age. He insists on the basics to undermine the “stone intellect” with which we arrived at the Gyan. That basic gyan is what I call “Gyan schoolboy”. Between the lines he gives us points from the upper Gyan (we will analyze some of those points later) in such a way that we will be interested in ruminating and drawing new conclusions. I think that many BKs do not consider the deep implications of these points and in the best case they will repeat them as it is, which is why my interest in discussing them here.
    In the gyan school Baba has to use images, metaphors, similes, stories and more pedagogical strategies, even until he has to “lie”, as when he said that the soul is like a thumb, so that the soul releases the “rust” that It prevents you from seeing wider and freeing you from the devotional burden of 63 births. Many times, although Baba insists that we go to the limitless, the Gyan is approached from the relative, it is interpreted in different ways focusing almost everything from the Dharna. My intention is to delve into pure Gyan, or let’s call it, absolute Gyan.
    In basic gyan a devotional love relationship with Baba is practiced and promoted more than “yoga of the intellect” as ShivBaba suggests. Sometimes it happens that the gyan is interpreted in a very elementary way, as when children teach us that 2 + 2 = 4 and it is counted on the fingers of the hands. That is fine, however, I consider that continuing to think that 4 are fingers and nothing else, is a very limiting conclusion.
    Loving (God) without understanding is devotion. Believe that God helps me, protects me, etc. it is bhakti. Bhakti is based on belief. Gyan is based on understanding. God gives Gyan (the truth that saves, liberates) and all our achievements depend on the use that we give it, according to the plan of the drama. Baba does not give blessings; we bless ourselves by obeying shrimat, if it is in our fortune
    The first phase of the Gyan is to call the attention of the Soul to God as that mirror that reminds me of what I am originally and essential. It is the state of manmanabhav. Then, I must go further and realize that what I see in the mirror is not God itself but my own reflection. And finally, to assume or experience the absolute self in all its greatness. That is the state of soul consciousness, where I feel that I am that almighty authority, totally virtuous and wise. It could be considered the state of madhiajeebhav, the god that I originally am.
    Gyan is the foundation that will allow us yoga, Dharna and service accordingly. When the deep Gyan is not clear, the memory or yoga becomes more of the heart (mental, devotional) and not of the intellect as Baba suggests. With superior Gyan (overcoming the barriers of devotion), the precise Dharna is automatic, natural. However, even if we reach an understanding of the absolute or higher Gyan, we have to continue speaking from the school gyan to the new ones, who come with “stone intellects” (citing the term Baba uses to refer to souls who have not yet developed the divine intellect).
    The map is not the territory
    Map: The interaction between God, souls and matter in a 5,000-year-old drama (cycle?) With 5 ages that is repeated indefinitely and where the rule is that if the soul chooses to do something it will have to bear the consequences – its prize or their punishment. Baba constantly exhorts us to make use of our freedom to choose the right, the good, and to avoid the bad, the wrong. However, looking from the limitless, we really do not have freedom of choice, our decisions are automatic expressions of a previously recorded role, eternally predestined. There really isn’t anything that is wrong or bad. Baba is also tied or conditioned to say that to motivate our efforts that are also inspired according to the role that is fixed in the soul.
    Drama is a predestined play, where the future is the past itself, therefore there is no such thing as past or future. The only real thing is the present moment, in which the soul expresses its recorded script, but it is not the result or consequence of a past, nor is the present determining the quality of the future, nor is every moment being overwritten at an equal moment in the past. cycle because, logically, there can be no such thing as past cycles or future cycles, since we would fall into the same contradiction of giving existence to temporality, which is not possible, there is only an eternal now. Life is not a school, we do not learn anything. Everything is indelibly engraved in the soul. There is an illusory feeling that we learn, that we improve, that we decide, but no, that feeling that we learn is simply emerging from the soul, the recorded role is being expressed.
    However, according to the logic of the Drama, everything goes through sequential processes or steps. And that is what Baba does by giving us knowledge. We change from a stone intellect to a divine intellect (equally predestined). For which he has to speak to us at that level, like school children. Each soul has to take these teachings, work them and apply them in ourselfs, churn them deeply until the divine intellect develops. Also, if you are in your fortune, according to Drama!
    God enters into an equally predestined role, embedded in the everlasting game called Drama. For example, it is not His motivation to make efforts that determines that we do what we call efforts, but rather, God is programmed, without choice, to tell us that and we are equally programmed or forced to do what we do; Call it correct efforts (being obedient) or not making efforts (disobedience). There is no such thing as that if I do this I achieve this other, because there is no causality, there is no freedom of choice, decisions such as results and consequences are already programmed in advance in the Drama machinery. Therefore, in reality, nobody makes efforts, only automatically expresses what is eternally engraved in the soul. The same thing happens to God. In this predestined logical process, praise for God becomes very intense, as in bhakti, and it is because loving God is basic in the application of the magical mantra of manmanabhav. However, as will be explained later, it is necessary to understand the intention and deep meaning of remembrance, so it does not become another form of devotion.
    To understand and apply what has been previously analyzed is to enter the territory. The map is not the territory, the truth is the the territory and its absolute. The “map” is the subject of various descriptions, some BKs adorn it, entertain and delight and impress those who listen to it. That’s part of the show in Drama, but it’s not the last truth, it may be the way, in the best case.
    Reason & Pure Intuition
    When the map is abandoned to enter the territory, reasoning and therefore concepts lose meaning, become limiting, blur reality. Being very rational becomes an obstacle. In the same way, you can fall into the trap of imagination and convince yourself that it is the truth. By tuning consciousness with the unlimited, there is then room for intuitive wisdom, pure experience, comprehensiveness, meaningful silence. It is then when Baba’s statement is fulfilled: Gyan is silence. A state like the one Baba predicted in 1969: “In the end, this daughter (Dadi Gulzar) will be in complete silence and stillness, experiencing soul consciousness.” I think that is the incorporeal state, the seed state. So, I don’t need to remember ShivBaba anymore. I am Bapsaman, I am a god!
    As the deity state, I enjoy the safety and comfort of my original state. I live my eternal qualities of peace, love, power, etc. I am aware of the self, the seed and not the body, the trunk … (murli state of the seed 07-05-2017). The memory of the Supreme Soul is only a strategy (or tool) to become conscious of the soul, not the opposite. I do not have to be soul conscious to remember God, I have to be God conscious (remember or imagine him?) to become soul conscious.
    Initially, what we call soul consciousness, is only in theory or imagination and it is necessary to connect multiple points to get to realize deeper and more subtle aspects.
    The route from the map to the territory would be as follows:
    “Know” the fundamental aspects of the Gyan or the “map”.
    “Churning” the details of that map is the next step.
    “Understanding” is the consequence of a systematic churning.
    Proper “practicing” occurs as a result of understanding.
    “Experimenting” happens when practiced repeatedly.
    “Being” is the result of continuous deep experiences. It is to settle in the territory. It is enlightenment.
    “Bapsaman” means to remain in the experience of the Self, including the understanding of God and Drama.
    Life is a Pre-Fated Drama
    Existence is the manifestation or expression (existere, being) of everything in space-time. Drama is the interaction of everything that exists. Predestined means that what exists does not have a cause, nor does it have a purpose. It is, eternally. There is no choice, therefore, there is no option to change. If we consider Drama as a cycle, there would be no Pre-destined future because the future would be the same past, so there is neither past nor future. There is an eternal present.
    Our decisions depend on our predestined role, not on inspiration from God or maya. Our present situation is not a consequence of our past decisions and the future does not depend on what we do in the present, because the future is the same past. Therefore, the present or future position of someone is not particular merit, it is according to his fortune, which is nothing other than his predestined role.
    Repeating the same thing is meaningless within eternity. Repetition of time (cycle) is an attempt to put the concept of eternity into words. Time is relative, eternity is absolute. Eternity is confused as endless time. Parandham would be the absolute or eternal state of everything.
    5,000 years of Brahma’s soul is his eternity. God doesn’t have to show up every 5,000 years to teach. The time he spends teaching is his eternity. Any other direct function attributed to Baba is the result of devotional love.
    In India there is the term Videhi, which means the soul conscious of its eternity, outside the body (8 inches above the head), as a detached observer. In quantum physics they call it the “supreme observer state.” It is like being in parandham. That state is only possible while we are with our own body. I think that God cannot be said to exist in parandham, because there is only existence within space-time.
    Like a hologram, which is a simulation of events in which the actors seem to decide, but it is not, there is no freedom of choice. Decisions are conditioned by a pre-established plan. It is like a robot game. It could also be compared to the instinct of animals: it seems that they decide what suits them or not. However, it is eternal information that moves them. The same happens with plants. Even the information is not in the genes. According to Epigenetics, the information comes from outside…
    When we understand this, the fact that we have no choice, the subject of the ego and all forms of attachment disappear, we accept and accept everything and everyone more easily. We enjoy life, like the game that it is.
    God is tied to Drama
    Drama is the highest authority. It implies that God also has no freedom of choice. Baba has the only role of giving Gyan. Applying that Gyan the soul is purified, or we would say that the corresponding role emerges according to its fortune. Any other praise or function that is given to it is bhaktigyan, such as: That it gives power, it purifies, it guides, it gives inheritance, it gives visions, it gives love, peace, etc. Baba says: “Krishna is praised as the one who is full of all virtues. You would not praise Shiv Baba in the same way. Someone who has virtues would also have flaws. For this, the praise of the Father is different from the praise of any other (Murli 06-23-2020) and in the Murli of 05-14-2020, Baba affirmed: “You are establishing your kingdom with your power.”
    Would God then be one more spiritual piece in the gear of the enormous machinery called Drama? If Brahma Baba sometimes claims that God has other functions, it is to emphasize the importance of remembering Him, as essential Gyan. In addition to giving us Gyan, God is the “mirror” from which we change perspective by remembering Him and we can see the material and spiritual dimension of reality (the two sides of the coin). I dare to say that when we have yoga with God, we are doing it with our own elevated original self since God only exists in the age of confluence when He speaks through Brahma. Let us remember that in Parandham there is neither time nor space! This does not mean that the soul is God!
    In the murli sakar on January 3, 2020, the Father says: “This drama is predestined. I am also bound by the bondage of this drama. Not even I can free myself from this drama ”. So God is the main actor. He cannot be the creator or director, because he is also tied, forced to play a role. Would he be another robot ?! Drama is the highest authority. That is why Baba himself bows to his children and says that we do not need to bow to Him, nor thank Him.
    Relatively, every situation in Drama (like remembering God) seems to have a purpose, but on an unlimited, absolute level, there is no goal. Everything is already given. It’s just a game for no reason other than to be there. God says, the essential is manmanabhav (connect with the truth), but he explains many details to make this game entertaining. Often motivated to have that memory, he exaggerates himself in Baba’s praise, again being caught up in a devotional relationship.
    In a murli on the “incorporeal state,” it was generally about remembering Baba. In another murli (S.M. 27-06-2020) Baba said that being incorporeal is: being aware of the Soul. As we said, when we remember Him, Baba acts as a “mirror” so that we assume our original state. Sure, really like a mirror. It is not that Baba is there, in parandham. It is my own reflection that I remember. Keep in mind that nothing exists beyond time and space. Time is the only unit of measurement. It has been said, “A thousand years on earth are like the twinkling of an eye in the heavenly abode.”
    So, the memory of God happens as when you remember your mother, for example. If you remember her when she was very nice to you, you feel good. If you remember her when she did something that bothered you, you surely won’t feel so good. And it’s not that she’s in that place you remember her now! Since our idea of God is that he is good and powerful etc, we feel good remembering Him with love. And since he is a soul, we take that form.
    It is true that devotional love seems to work. For example, there are Hare Krishnas students so fervent that they intend to go to India and they find the passage out of nowhere. They generally say that Krishna helped them! Really? ShivBaba says: “Everything happens according to the predestined Drama” It is not the merit of anyone in particular. God has the only role to teach. Baba does nothing, he only inspires (SM 07-23-2020). This understanding can free us from all traces of bhakti!
    Since this is difficult to understand, someone asked me saying: “Why those doubts in Baba? You can see that everything he has said since 36 has been fulfilled!” And I say, precisely that that point confirms what I assert, that the future is immutable, even in the slightest feeling. What a teacher said 2,000 years ago is also being fulfilled: “… there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth … there will be no stone on stone … and then, the meek will inherit the earth …” What is written at the beginning of Ecclesiastes it is also very significant: “There is nothing new under the sun. What was will be.” It seems that we are all programmed, like robots!
    Record or replay the drama
    The drama is neither being recorded nor repeated. It is not recorded because it “always” is. If it were possible to record it, as Baba sometimes mentions, it would be determined by the decisions of all souls. That is a form of motivation that Baba uses, it is a necessity for the soul to believe that it is so.
    And it is not repeated because then the question arises: since when and why did it begin to repeat itself? What is the purpose of repeating its self the same identically? In reality, from the limitless, there is no past or future. Each moment is eternally recorded, immutable. Saying cycle after cycle is a way of pretending to understand “5000 eternal years” because understanding eternity as “5000 years of frozen instants in eternity” is inaccessible to logical thought.
    Saying, the previous cycle or the next cycle is another easier way to understand “What is eternally.” There is only one eternal “cycle”. To help in the process of understanding eternity, we talk about cycles, or a cycle that repeats itself. “What was will be, there is nothing new under the sun,” means that what will be has already been, the future has already happened.
    The concept of self-fulfilling prophecy is often considered true. Self-fulfilling prophecy is, at first, a “false” definition of the situation, awakening a new behavior that makes the original false conception of the situation become “true”. However, considering predestination, the fact of falsely defining a situation is part of the obligatory script engraved on the soul.
    Every soul including animals etc has a registered role, without options. Therefore, the Drama is neither recorded according to our decisions nor repeated over time. From the limitless perspective, there is only one eternal now immutable and simultaneous.
    Time is not linear or circular
    From an unlimited perspective, time is an illusion (as a fourth dimension it is relative), there is only an eternal present (5,000 years, if it can be measured that way) and the soul is only aware of an instant at a time. I consider that an unlimited perspective would be from parandham, which is a state of consciousness outside of the space-time flow; just as the subtle region is a state of consciousness similar to a conscious dream, also programmed according to the drama. Time is a subjective perception of the mind or a creation of consciousness because it is tied and conditioned to space and matter, so it cannot really have a specific shape (circular, spiral, triangular, linear …). Therefore, to affirm that it is repeated is impossible (repetition implies to scroll on a timeline).
    Einstein said: “You can count on the fingers of my hands the amount of people who understands the theory of relativity”. Relativity is known as a theory because it is not understood by most, but it is part of the laws of physics. Time and space are relative, they depend on each other. Time exists because matter exists. For example if the matter reached 300,000 kilometers per second it would disappear! The soul is immaterial light and is beyond the speed of light. It is as if it does not exist by itself. Matter and time give it the possibility of existing or of manifesting itself. There is nothing beyond time and space. It takes time to exist and it takes space for there to be time.
    To grasp the truth It requires leaving the superficial scheme and look “from the limitless”. The truth is eternal, it is beyond time and space. Therefore, it cannot be trapped with the thought, since this is limited by space-time, so, the churning must bring us closer to silence, because it is there where we will savor the experience of eternal truth. We need to look at it from the light, where time and space disappear. Thus, one cannot speak of eternal time. You can talk about eternity.
    The whole and its parts
    If the drama is perfect, any scene in it is perfect. If I take each part in isolation, I fall into duality, I relativize what is absolute. Even Mayan is perfect. The existence of God would not be necessary without the “illusion”, without the vices. It is a film eternally recorded in a unique way, where each actor represents what they have to act. If Baba says that each feeling is fixed beforehand, it means that throughout the “cycle” the soul has no freedom of choice; therefore, any thoughts, words, or actions are fixed in advance. The “bad” is also “good” because it cannot be otherwise, it is perfect. Relatively, we say that we go through a perfect and an imperfect state. But from the limitless, absolute, everything is perfect.
    Efforts (renunciation) according to the Drama
    Achievements as a result of efforts? Or natural development of the paper-script recorded in the soul? There are no voluntary efforts; only a role is played with a feeling of effort, in fact, programmed in advance. The effort I make to take the glass and drink the water is fixed in advance, it is not my option.
    Do I have to be pure to remember God or do I have to remember God to purify myself? Actually I need to have an eternal record of deity by having done a lot of Bhakti that predisposes me to understand Gyan in order to remember God and this way we can have the accurate level of consciousness to be in paradise, numerically.
    In the game-play we remember God to expand and stabilize consciousness; then, what we call purification is an awareness of reality, also predestined. Nobody makes any effort, we only act the role that is engraved, like a robot without will!? Nothing is difficult or easy, it is. Each soul is designed or programmed to do what it has to do in the gear of drama. In the face of any situation: just observing with detachment, accepting and loving the fixed destiny. The most useful thing is to understand and that also depends on the fortune of each soul!
    Because each soul is required to play a role whose script is forever etched on it, no one has merit for what they do, therefore there is no point in praising someone. Not even God. Only Drama is the highest authority, the all mighty! Drama inspires our efforts, if it is in our eternal role. “You have to make efforts, but only what is fixed in the drama will happen… and therefore you should not have any expectations.” (Murli sakar 05-14-2020)
    Unlimited disinterest
    Baba considers unlimited disinterest as fundamental to achieve the transformation that He proposes to us. Authentic disinterest is only possible when there is understanding of knowledge (beyond bhaktigyan and beyond imagination) and it is enjoyed, the fullness of practical wisdom is felt. When it is based on love or fear it is fragile and vulnerable. In fact, if every feeling of the soul is recorded in advance, having unlimited disinterest is not the result of effort, is fortune, according to the drama plan!
    Faith in the intellect & Total realization
    When we don´t only know, but we also live reality, faith disappears to become a realization or illumination, the real consciousness of the soul. Faith is certainty of what is not seen, however implies (expectation) hope. Illumination is the experience of the unnameable. In the process of enlightenment, faith is lost to gain practical wisdom. Faith is not needed when seen. God has no faith, God knows. We can become equal to the Father in that regard.
    Waste time or take advantage of it
    From an unlimited perspective, time does not exist. So you can’t take advantage of or waste what doesn’t exist! Or let’s look at it this way: since I do not choose anything, I only play the role that I have recorded and that I am obliged to act automatically, including decisions, I do not have the option to take advantage or waste anything. What I do or don’t do is the result of my set script, with no change possible.
    On the other hand, if all the rol is engraved in the soul, then what I am going to decide or feel, I could look for it in the soul register, it is there, but I cannot access it. Only the moment can emerge and can vaguely remember what has happened in the present birth. If time is cyclical what I vaguely remember of this birth is my most remote future; what is about to happen is my most remote past.
    Obstacles & Guilt
    Should I feel guilty about the obstacles and storms (or contrasts in varied drama) that come into my life? If we do not create anything, because we do not even decide our actions, since our entire role is engraved in the soul, it is predestined, then there is no reason to feel guilty: “Everything is fixed in the drama. There is no need to worry ”(murli sakar 05-14-2020). Even destruction is a “causeless bloodshed”, no one is guilty. I can only use the apparent freedom I have, to connect with The Supreme (or my own reflection?), Clear my mind, accept my role in peace and enjoy it as it is; if it’s in my fortune. There he would be jumping.
    ShivBaba is neither virtuous nor powerful. He is never tested to demonstrate that it embodies specific virtues or powers. In reality, he does not need virtues or powers to play his role of giving Gyan, which is also fixed, according to Drama. He also uses the sanskaras of Brahma Baba to express himself. Brahma Baba, on the other hand, did practically express spiritual virtues and powers, also according to his fixed and predestined role.
    Brahma was able to do what he did, not because of Baba’s help, but because he was programmed to receive that knowledge and represent that behavior. Furthermore, we could say that his love for God brought him closer to Him, changed his perspective and gave him the strength and clarity to express his powers and virtues. Like when a mother draws strength and has incredible behaviors based on a child. It was not the son who gave her the strength, it was her love for her that allowed her to emerge that strength, in addition, programmed in the drama! That also happens with us.
    So it is like Brahma that we have to become: Dadsaman (?) Brahma became a companion of God. He did not melt into his love. Because what is love between two equals? There is no longer a dependency. Love is the engine that drives the encounter. Understanding the Gyan is the way. It will be a gradual transition from the stone intellect to the divine intellect, which is soul consciousness. Love is the engine that drives to promote memory. That love is initially devotional. Then it becomes bhaktigyani love, and then, with deep understanding, become companionship, the only way to become “perfect.” That is our goal. Although, in reality, we do not become perfect; we become aware of our perfection.
    In the Bapsaman state the need to ruminate knowledge disappears, the truth is lived naturally.

    I suggest answering the questions based on what has been seen so far, before reading the answers. I think it would be more entertaining and useful.
    1. Why from the unlimited perspective there is no duality?
    In the Gold and Silver Age there is no duality (good-bad, just-unfair, positive-negative, error-success, love-hate, happiness-suffering, … This begins in the copper age (Dwapur Yuga age of duality) because the soul identifies with the body. If we see from an unlimited perspective, even from the copper age, we would not see good or bad, etc., we would only see things happening and souls in their bodies playing their eternal roles in connection with matter. Opposites, in this sense, are only mental elaborations as a result of losing the perspective of eternity and, therefore, of predestination.
    2. Is it possible that causality and predestination coexist?
    I think there really is only predestination. Causality is a creation of the mind or a necessity of the soul. It is a mental illusion produced by the limited perception of the coherent intertwining between the events of the drama. If we look at the drama as a cycle, the causes can be seen both in the past and in the future; therefore, in reality, there are no causes. If we regress any situation that we call a consequence, looking for the cause of causes, we will conclude that the consequence is the same cause. What is, is just because, because it can not be otherwise, in this perfect drama.
    3. Why is the law of karma really a philosophy?
    If the drama is predestined, then Karma are actions and reactions programmed in a fixed script. Therefore, there can be no mistakes, successes or culprits and no rewards or punishments. On the other hand, there is no causality, since there was never a beginning and there will never be an end. If we look at drama as a cycle, the causes are in the past as well as in the future, since the past is the same future. Within the eternal script, karma has to be mentioned as a law only to fulfill the purpose of encouraging souls to express their goodness, but the choices of each soul are already programmed in advance. The theory of causality is a necessity of the soul. Karma is the development of the paper or script recorded as sanskaras. If everything is predestined, you should not blame no one, nor envy, reject, consider better or worse or any limiting comparison. Baba talks about “the philosophy of karma”, not of “the law of karma”.
    4. Looking from the limitless, does Maya really exist?
    Maya means illusion. It is an expression to describe a specific behavior of the human soul that seems good to him but that goes against its original purity, peace and well-being. However, since their decisions are programmed or predestined in the soul, as well as their consequences, then what we call Maya is just an abstract concept or game in the soul script. The soul is not “given Maya” by its will, its role simply emerges with those characteristics. On the other hand, if duality does not exist in practice, the soul is not free to choose either Maya or God.
    5. Are there really karmic accounts?
    If there is predestination then there can be no free will. So how could my actions determine my destiny (karmic accounts)? If there is no law of karma then there is no karmic account, there is only one game called acting a predestined role. Yes, apparently we have freedom of choice, but that choice, whatever it may be, was already scheduled in advance. Nothing is good or bad. No one is guilty. The eternal recording in the soul forces us to act.
    In the Tao they talk about “do not decide and you will reach satori or samadhi”. Let us also remember that, from the limitless, there is no duality. Where I am is the best place to act, if I accept it. If I deny, it won’t improve! But also, this decision depends on my fortune, or predestined program!
    We could also ask ourselves:
    “According to the Drama plan” do my actions take place? Or, “According to my actions” is the Drama plan developed?
    My actions (karma) are the result of my decisions or are they according to a fixed script?
    If they are according to a fixed script (predefined program), do I have any responsibility for my actions?
    If I have no responsibility, what would we call “karmic accounts”?
    There are no karmic accounts, only lucky or unlucky roles according to the eternally fixed sanskaras in the soul.
    6. How to define “efforts”, from the limitless?
    If we have a predestined recorded role, then the efforts are also recorded eternally, I do not choose them, therefore, it is not my will, we really only do what we are obliged to do. Furthermore, if there is no dualism, there are no achievements or failures, there are no rewards or punishments, no merits or prejudices, then what would be the objective of the efforts? Similarly, if there is no causality, there can be no such thing as effort and reward. The soul does what it has to do according to its role. The feeling of effort is also imprinted on the soul beforehand. “Their fortune inspires them to make efforts. If it is not in their fortune, what effort would they make? ” – quote from murli-. So, Purifying myself depends on yoga, yoga depends on my efforts, my efforts depend on my role in Drama, and my role in Drama depends on my fortune, in conclusion, purifying myself depends on my fortune (Baba has also said that to remember him we need pureness). So my decisions do not determine my destination.
    We could say, then, that the only desire we should have is to be free of desires. When I am free even from this desire (to be free of desires) I will know that I have attained enlightenment, total awakening, the Bapsaman state or what is the same, total consciousness of the soul. I think it is the state called videhi. It has also been said: “Drama inspires your efforts”.
    7. Considering predestination, is it possible to transform ourselves?
    What happened was fixed and perfect, what happens is already fixed and perfect; therefore, what is going to happen is fixed and perfect since the future is the same past. So I have no choice (freedom) to change something, to transform myself. Sanskaras cannot be changed. You cannot transform the past and neither can the future because this is the same past, therefore, no one can transform and even less transform someone. You cannot change what is eternally fixed, predestined. You can’t squeeze an orange and demand that mango juice come out. Simply, a fixed role is being expressed in the soul in advance. Drama is made up of successive eternally programmed changes. What I can do is accept my role, trust that he is very good, and enjoy the fortune of being a Brahmin. We are the only souls that have the possibility of having the correct understanding of Drama in our register!
    8. What is Eternity?
    Baba talks about “Cycle after cycle” that is, the previous one and the one that follows. If there is a sequence of cycles it implies a timeline on which the cycles repeat. That leaves us in the paradoxical position of when and why the cycle began to repeat itself (as in the big bang theory, in which they give the universe a start!). From limited consciousness, trapped in space-time, one only perceives one at a time, but from the perspective or unlimited consciousness, from the light, all the moments of the 5,000 years exist at the same time. Hence, in a trance, souls can “live” in paradise for a time, or Brahmins meet with deities of paradise (in the subtle region). But it is easier for the intellect to understand and accept the idea of continuous cycles than the idea of eternity as “timeless”, where every moment of the past, present and future are there, simultaneously. Understanding eternity in this way is part of the upper Gyan, experiencing the territory, the pure, absolute, silent truth. In any case, the understanding of the Gyan is an indefinite number and is mostly a matter of interpretation.
    9. Where is actually Parandham ?
    Baba says that in parandham there is no time or space, sound or movement (he has said that the home is tiny). There cannot be a “place” where there is no space or time. Therefore, there cannot be a “world of souls”…
    So when Baba says’ we are residents of parandham “he means that we are always in parandham but we are not aware of it. I would say that it is a state of consciousness that we disconnect from by entering the space-time dimension. Residence implies place therefore we also do not “come down” from somewhere. One cannot reside where there is no time and space. Baba has said that parandham “is not a world.”
    Giving parandham a place, like Drama for a while, is Baba’s pedagogical strategy to access the “stone intellects” and motivate them to explore more, grind your own ingredients and cleanse themselves while achieving a divine intellect that they can understand. these subtle points: that space and time are an elaboration of the mind, that without knowing it we are “always” residents of parandham. We just need to be aware of it. In the end, you just have to drop everything related to space and time, which will be painful for many. We are preparing ourselves, learning to detach ourselves, to make that transition to another body in another time (paradise), in the best way.
    Because, there really is no return, since in parandham there is no time or space. Souls who do not experience the golden and silver age in practice, cannot stay 2,500 years waiting in parandham! After the final war they instantly go on to express their role at their proper time, when they leave their bodies, unless they stay wandering like ghosts. The same happens with all souls. But, if time does not exist, can we talk about “the moment that corresponds to it? It is there where trying to explain eternity is complicated, since using thoughts implies time; and eternity is beyond time. You can only intuit, feel, experience in silence. That is true soul consciousness, when you are beyond the experience space-time limit.
    And finally, if in parandham there is no time or space, where is God actually? Could it be that the only existence of God is when he is giving us Gyan through the body of Brahma Baba? Could it be that God is eternally giving gyan? “The Word became flesh …” It has been said!
    10. Is the space limited or unlimited?
    If space and time are two parallels and time is eternal (seeing time as a cycle, the future is the same past), then space is unlimited. If we manage to experience timelessness, we can grasp the meaning of space. This cannot be explained intelligibly in words either. Astrophysicists say that when the speed of light is reached, that is, if we become light, space will disappear and we could go from one galaxy to another in an instant. According to Riemann’s geometry, if you go on a straight-line flight, we begin to see just what we left behind!
    11. Does faith determine fortune or does fortune determine faith?
    Baba says that faith brings victory. Faith is complete certainty in what I do not know. If all the role is already engraved on the soul, its level of faith is also engraved. So we could say that the type of role is what determines if I am lucky or not, in the sense that I have the record of a high status in paradise or not. Baba speaks, “if he is in his fortune,” that is, if he has it engraved on his soul. If the soul has emperor of paradise sanskaras, it will have faith and do what it has to do according to that role. My fortune determines my faith. Although there is no causality, if there is a coherent logic all states of consciousness and between all the moments of the Drama.
    12. Can we choose to behave well or badly?
    If everything is predestined, we are all programmed with fixed eternal roles, then we would have no choice to behave well or badly. Any type of behavior would simply be the automatic expression of that role or script recorded in the soul. Similarly, positive experience, happy or negative and bitter, are a natural expression of the role fixed in advance in the soul and not the consequence of any type of behavior. Let us remember that, on an unlimited level, there is no causality. Decisions are also the result of a fixed role, eternally predestined.
    13. How to differentiate experience from imagination?
    How can I be sure that I am aware of the soul, of the subtle or incorporeal region or of God Himself, and that it is not an imagination? If I enjoy these states, if they are not forced, if they give me a feeling of happiness and security, if they facilitate the “transformation”, then it would be said that they are authentic experiences and not just imagination. It must be from logic and from there it becomes in feeling. This is why Baba calls memory “yoga of the intellect” and not yoga of the mind. The result is to experience the virtues and powers. Furthermore, I can prove that I experience this awareness by being fearless, angerless, and sadnessless. On the other hand, it is a very personal experience that depends on the fortune of each soul, its role in the drama.
    On the other hand, it is true that imagination can help us generate an experience and that experience can come to be considered true. Also in bhakti they have very powerful visions and experiences that reinforce their beliefs. So this process of imagining to create experiences is only a temporary support to come to understand that those experiences must end in the true consciousness of the soul, which is the “Bapsaman” state, as explained above.
    14. Why or for what do we exist?
    Actually, the Drama of Life has no purpose. It is just because. If it had a purpose, we would have to answer the question, when did it start, whose desire was it and the initial reason for the phenomenon of life to occur? We cannot answer that the idea was from God, because Himself is tied to Drama. Furthermore, we have concluded that time does not exist, therefore there is no beginning, there is no future, there is no past. There is only one eternal present. There is no answer to the question: “Why being and not nothingness?”
    Until not reaching Bapsaman state, it is better to continue believing that Baba is there, in another dimension without time, protecting us, etc. until you reach full soul consciousness. And don’t take it too seriously, anyway, this Drama is a game, the Great Lila (in Hinduism “divine play”).
    There are many more quotes from murlis in screenshots, underpinning these themes, if you want I can provide you with some.
    Thank you and congratulations on your consideration of these issues. I wish you enjoy this adventure of expanding the intellect to see other possibilities of interpretation of the Gyan and bon appetit.

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