Question: What do you visualize when baba mentions bapdada? brahma baba (sitting as form of white light) and shiv baba point of light on Brahma baba’s forehead?

Thank you for your question!
FYI there were about “6 copies” of this question in my inbox. SO, you really wanted to ask this question! 🙂 Once you submit once, I will get a copy. It is just a matter of waiting until I have the chance to look at it which happens within 24 hours, if you do not see it posted, then by all means… please let me know.

I mentioned in some articles here, that “visualizations” are not my “thing.” I feel. I could “visualize” Shiva the point of light now, but I do not use pictures for that now.

I used to look at the picture of Brahma Baba and feel “sweet” drishti. That gave me good experiences. I wasn’t thinking if that was Brahma Baba or BapDada. I had good experience with Shiva the “point of light” as well.. But I discovered that my experiences where in relationship with the feelings of my heart. This is how, I enjoy feeling the self, the soul and from that point I could go into God the point of light, through a brief visualization. The important aspect for me is to keep the feelings alive, love or bliss flowing, in that there is nourishment and transformation of the self.

Best wishes!


  1. Ram

    My experience is that I have been doing this visualization for many years until I read some articles Brother Louis wrote here, recently I have switched to “feeling the self”, I have to tell you that the amount of bliss, joy that gives me is enormous, I can’t describe this in words. The “feeling the self” cuts through your thoughts and where I am in a loving stage, then with little thoughts I feel Shivbaba as a point of light. This melts everything. It is as if you have learned to swim, you can’t forget it once you have learned it. I can go inside anytime I want, I have experimented at work, with family around and with people , this protects me as if I am in a cool water, nothing affects me anymore to the extent people started to complain about me being careless.

    Om shanti


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