Question: Dear Brother, In today’s murli baba has said that Shivbaba is the supreme soul, then comes Brahma-Vishnu-Shankar in the subtle world and then Laxmi-Narayan, Ram-Sita all are numberwise… Whenever I listen this point, I get confused because Brahma baba is the deity in subtle world which is existing at sangamyuga… but I am not clear about Vishnu and Shankar… Vishnu is the representation of laxmi and narayan together right? Could you please elaborate on this and please explain the part of shankar… Thank you..


Thank you for your question!
Dear soul, I understand your confusion.

Here is a little background information. This Gyan is explained under the influence of devotional Hinduism. That is why, you have 3 names of “beings” who have a repercussion in Hinduism. You have Brahma known as the “creator,” you have Vishnu known as another incarnation of God and then you have Shiva (in the Hindu trimurti) which Brahma Baba changed to “Shankar” (even though both names refer to the same “deity”) so the difference between God Shiva of being above anyone else could be made.

You know what is the easiest solution?
Forget about all of that. It is not necessary.

Here is the simple explanation without any religious background.
God is the Supreme soul.
The forces of the Drama, which is perceived as “creation,” sustenance” and “destruction,” has been assigned in devotion as the “3 acts of God.” Those 3 acts, have been given names such as “Brahma,” “Vishnu,” and “Shankar.”

Because Brahma Baba is the “father of the Brahmin clan,” and known as “Prajapita Brahma;” Brahma Baba has taken the “spot” of “Brahma” in the trimurti of Hinduism.
That “creation” grows. That is known as “sustenance” and it is represented as “Vishnu” in devotion. That sustenance decreases in “celestial degrees” through time and disappears for “1 second.” That is “Shankar.” Then, Brahma emerges again to continue on in this everlasting cycle.

In a more scientific way we can describe the same thing as; “matter cannot be created neither destroyed. It only transforms.” (First law of conservation of matter and energy.)
What exists (creation) gets transformed gradually (sustenance) until what it was there before, is no longer visible (destruction) for it has converted itself into “something else” (creation.) This cycle lasts 5000 years before the “original” point of reference repeats again.

Or we can say the same thing as when we say that “Brahma emerged from the navel of Vishnu.” Destruction (Shankar) being the “1 second” of separation between the form of Brahma and the form of Vishnu.

As you mentioned, “Vishnu” is a representation of the “perfect couple,” or Laxmi and Narayan or the Golden age or Brahma is his highest stage, etc. Shankar is just the “1 second” destruction that occurs for “one form to change into another.”

In the Sakar Murli Baba uses “Vishnu” and “Shankar” as if they were living beings in the subtle region. That is not so. That is just devotional understanding which needed to be added so the important concept of “trimurti” and “karankaravanhar” (God acting through others) could be digested with the “new knowledge.”

This is why, many times I have mentioned that “pure” gyan does not require Hinduism to be properly understood. As you can see, to fit gyan into a “Hindu” background, brings its challenges and may add confusion in some aspects of gyan.

Hope this clarifies your question. 🙂

Best wishes!



  1. Mansi

    Thanks a lot… This discussion has clarified my queries which were there for long… Baba bless you… This drama is wonderful… Every secrets is revealed at its own time for every soul… Om Shanti… 🙂


  2. Mansi

    One more query brother about this topic: Is it so that When it is time in the drama for the birth of Shri Krishna that is the change of the form of Brahma to Vishnu, there is a transition state between these, which is for 1 second (part of shankar). At that point, major destruction occurs on this planet and Krishna takes birth? Since it is a matter of 1 sec, why this role has been given a name or form? As I have heard in few murlis, after krishna’s birth, this sangamyuga continues, its only when krishna and radhey gets older its the start of satyuga.. Is it so? I am asking this to know whether I am understanding it in the right way or not…. Thank you..


    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,
      You can have as many queries as you want… 🙂

      Shankar means destruction or transformation. Physical destruction starts in a second but it does not last 1 second…That “1 second” just represents that there is something in between when Brahma changes into Vishnu. If it is neither Brahma nor Vishnu, then what is it? Devotion has given that 1 second the name and form of Shankar/ Shiva.

      As you mentioned, in that second when destruction takes place, Krishna will be born and the “confluence age” will finish at that time. Then there will be a period of 35 years until Krishna changes his name into Narayan. (Coronation ceremony) That is when the Golden age starts “officially.”

      Best wishes!


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