Question: Dear Brother , many thanks for your gracious churnings and endless sharing . You have mentioned that before that this is your role, however my role is to send you my kindest gratitude for all the work have been done by you as a loyal and right handed instrument of Baba . I have one Question , please . Today Baba have mentioned that ,, Souls are not all the same ; they are numberwise .” Obviously my feelings are different . I thought souls are the same ( however each one of us have different capacities recorded in them , therefore a state of perfection will be different for me from you ..suppose we can call that numberwise ?? So sorry , for disturbing you . Many good wishes and kindest gratitude .

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul, Many thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your role… 🙂 just keep in mind that this role is doing this as a means of “survival” in BK life… but glad to know that “my survival” is giving happiness to others. Thanks again! 🙂 and.. you are not disturbing me, but helping me and others to understand gyan better.

Interesting question. It is a matter of semantics. Souls are the same as “souls,” but as you mentioned we are different in capacity, roles, and anything else. As you mentioned, because of that; being “equal to the Father” is not the same for you as it would be for someone else, because our capacities are different. This difference of capacities should bring appreciation for others, because someone may have a greater capacity to compose music than someone else who is in turn a great dancer. Brahma Baba’s #1 capacity is to be soul conscious.

Best wishes!

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