Question: After reviewing your comments on today’s murli, it seems that we can’t complain or compare our role in this drama, this makes me come to the realisation that we should make the maximum effort and be content with whatever outcomes it brings? Please share your thoughts as contentment is virtue too?

Thank you for your comments!

We should make the “effort” to be aware of soul consciousness and to experience that soul, what we are.
That is all…to increase that awareness, we have a “code of conduct” in BK life.
For many, “making effort” means to follow the code of conduct, for others to “do service,” yet for others to “forget everyone else including your body,” or to be “in love with the One.” (amazingly, that seems as if to love is an effort.) For me is to be aware as much as possible so I can experience soul consciousness, for in that experience there is self transformation.

If you would like to call my description above, “maximum effort; ” then .. yes, that is what it is and then let go of any perceived “outcome” or expectation. Everything will happen automatically when we reach soul consciousness. Otherwise, there is the continuous striving, the comparison with others, the spiritual ego to “achieve.”

There is no place to “arrive,” but just where you are now. 🙂 It is a matter of 5000 years. All there is to it is just to emerge a “new” consciousness.

Contentment is not to be “OK” with your lot or what you have “received.” That is to be “complaisant.” (willing to do what pleases others) Contentment is “inner fulfillment.” In that contentment there is what Baba calls “attainment.”

This Drama is a game. It is a play for little children to be amused at. When we believe the play to be “real,” we get in trouble.

Best wishes!

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