Question: Again with Sex -Lust as a Sin – Too much guilt feeling after listening to Murli. Why is this emphasis on characterizing Sex as Sin.. Why provide all temptations and monitor if you can resist it.. It’s a sadistic perspective – don’t u think? – Souls without this gyan may be living their day to day life, leading a simple and happy life.. #don’tknowwhattobelieve… Your thoughts bro… Say some one is Married and still suffering from some addictions.. He may act on it.. Does it make them a sinful soul who deserves 100 fold punishment.. Why and Who gets to decide what is right… Pls respond..

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
The Murli is a talk between the Father of the Brahmin clan and his children. For a Brahmin soul at this time, sex-lust is not advised. As the Murli mentioned today; it means to “come down from a Satopradhan (pure) stage” This does not mean that other souls who want to take benefit of some other Brahmin teaching should take it personal; but just to understand the setting. This knowledge is given in a Brahmin setting.

Similarly in Christianity, there is the commandment: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.” however, I guarantee you that there are many “believers” who are not following that commandment, but still sitting in mass and showing their loyalty to Christianity even though the priest may speak about this point.

Rather than “temptations” those are tests that life provides. Some are able to pass them , others are not. Just plain life.

In your example about that married person who has some “addictions; ” those addictions themselves are “100 fold punishment;” for no one can be happy when addicted to something. You depend, you are subservient, you cannot be without it. That state does not only will make someone unhappy but also their dear ones.

Addictions, specially sexual addictions have no end. There is always more to try, something new, exciting…in the meantime your own life strength gets depleted. Your will power is gone. How can that life of dependency be a “happy life”?

There is no one who gets to decide what is “right or what is wrong.” Everything is just “cause and effect.”
If you feel sorrow of any kind, you know that something needs to improve.

Best wishes!

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