Question: follow up on my last question.. This Soul is considered sin ful – Sakar murli has mentioned many times baba discards them as they dont belong to him and treat them as dead… A weak soul will read that and give up on everything.. why – just to lead a simple family life.. #notfair.. Thanks Bro for responding.. Hope your journey continues and fight all the Maya that u encounter.. Pls respond

Dear soul,
As I mentioned before; the setting of a Sakar Murli is the one of a protective Father speaking to his children.
Back in the days of the Sakar Murli, celibacy was of great importance to even sit near Baba and listen to him.

Let me ask you: How would you explain to “little children” (That was how souls used to behave around Baba) that sex-lust is “bad for them”? The easiest way is what you read in the Sakar Murli; that is to use comparisons: “We are pure, they are impure- sinful souls.” The issue is to still think like that to this day. That is the big problem on taking things literally, in a “dogmatic” way; the popular “Baba said,” specially when we have recent avyakt Murlis.

Today, when you go to Madhuban you will see many people invited to hear BapDada’s murli.
There is an avyakt Murli read on October 14, 2012, page 3 where BapDada explains that some souls will come closer who are not Brahmins but whose “influence” will be important for others to follow them; those souls are called: VIPs
BapDada has clearly explained there, that a Brahmin soul has to recognize that those souls are not regular students.

Now, why do you think that there is a difference between Sakar times and Avyakt Murlis in this respect?
Simply because times have changed.
You may continue to live your “simple family life” the way you wish.
There are many Brahma Kumaris teachings who deal just with practical aspects of life. Sister Shivanis’ teachings in an example of that, you may want to check them out. Choose what you believe is beneficial for you.

Celibacy is not for everyone.

Thank you for you good wishes. I appreciate your honest questions and your willingness to have answers.

Best wishes!

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