Question: Hi dear bro , My question is what is the difference between imagination and visualization? if possible then with the help of an example and in the context of meditation? Thanks

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
Let us imagine something call “eferthi.” Can you imagine it? Try harder? What do you see?
Probably yes, right?
Can you visualize it? Nope. Why not? Because you don’t know information about it.

In meditation when we say :”visualize” the point of light, Shiva, God and the Brahm element; we have the description of how those thinks look like. Then, you can use that information to visualize in your mind.
That description is something which exists according to gyan but we have forgotten.
If you did not have that description, you will not be able to “visualize it,” but you will be able to “imagine it.”

Best wishes!

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