Question: Hi,dear brother, My question is that if have any kind of physical pain in our body then is it so that we feel that pain in our subtle body?As it is written in “gita” also that “jeev atma” feels the pain. Please clarify. Thanks

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul, There is a connection between the subtle body and the physical body. In my practice as “massage therapist,” I had the experience on working through energy in someone with very mild touching, and that person felt relief from pain in her physical body. I do not know the “ins and outs” of how that works, but it works…:-)

However, as the Murli has indicated, is the “soul” the one who feels pain and not the body. The body without a soul is life -less.
In physical pain, the soul feels pain and it is manifested in the body.
Emotional pain is also felt by the soul and it is manifested in the subtle body which in turn affects the physical body. Many diseases are manifestation of emotional issues.

Best wishes!

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