Question: Brother What do you mean when u say settle karmic accounts through yoga and remembrance. Remembrance of baba is what is difficult when you are dealing with a situation or circumstance.. I saw a paradox in your statement. It will great if u can give an example and what thoughts you created to change your awareness and dealt with that? Impressive site.. Hooked onto it.. :-) Thanks

Thank you for your question and your kind words… 🙂

You are right. Remembrance is not easy while you are going through “issues.” then, you have suffering as a “sure and easy” way to settle a karmic account. 🙂
In my experience, there is the suffering combined with the experience of completeness through yoga. You can call it “remembering Baba,” I call it, “experiencing soul consciousness.”

As our stage becomes stronger, things do not bother us the same way. Definitely, suffering is the indicator which will give us the “key” to make a change. I had karmic accounts which I have dealt for years. I see the improvement, so I know that I am settling those. It is no just “yoga” for most of us but it is mixed with settling through suffering. The bottom line is not to give up.

Best wishes!

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