Question: Dear brother, Celibacy is often becomes the turning point for some of the new bks, you have mentioned many times that this is not an issue for a golden age soul, however , my question is, are not these vices, sex-lust, including attachment more to do with minds than physical? Once it is realized that it is the mind, that creates these emotional swings, should it not become easy to achieve it?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
To begin, in the world right now, where “variety” is the norm; “sex-lust” is not perceived as a “vice” by many souls but rather as a “normal” behavior which is supported by the media and sales machinery. If a soul does not have the sanskaras of celibacy, to follow a celibate life style will be “hellish” for them.

You are right as far as the mind being the “culprit,” but we shouldn’t forget that everything works as a unit and we separate things.
In my experience if someone does not follow an appropriate diet, this will affect your mind. It is very unlikely that meat eaters will have a chance in following a healthy celibate life style. The keyword is “healthy” and not by compulsion. Also, age is a tremendous factor. Here is where “hormones” have a very important role to influence the mind.

Feeling like “reproducing,” may be experienced by males and females. If you add to that the inability to express affection without “cooling” the sense organs (in our case through yoga and opening higher feelings) the chances to survive celibate are minimum under “normal” conditions.

Also, I have observed that the solution for many religious groups who embrace celibacy is to separate “males” and “females.” In my observation, if females are living together, some will acquire male characteristics and some will remain as females. The same is with males. This typical behavior can be easily observed with inmates.

This shows that our mind “compensates” our lack of balance by playing a particular part. This clearly shows that there is a need for the opposite energy which hasn’t been balanced in the self.

The above is just to show the complexity of celibacy. It is not like going to your auntie’s home…however, if you are “golden age” material; you will be equipped to deal with this by the Drama.

This is another example of being “numberwise.” Our roles are different.

Best wishes!

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