Comments on Sakar Murli – December 12, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, never stop studying because of sulking with one another. To stop studying means to leave the Father.

Question: What is the reason for service not growing?
Answer: When there is a difference of opinion among you, service doesn’t grow. Some children stop studying because of a difference of opinion. Baba cautions you: Children, don’t have any conflict with one another. Don’t listen to gossip. Listen to only the one Father. Give your news to the Father and He will give you directions to become 16 celestial degrees full.

Question:What is the first and main reason that you stop studying?
Answer: The sickness of name and form. When you become trapped in the name and form of a bodily being, you don’t feel like studying. Maya defeats you in this respect. This is a very big obstacle.

Essence for dharna:

1. Don’t speak about wasteful things with each other. You must never come into a conflict of opinion. Never stop studying under any circumstances.

2. Never disobey Baba. After making a promise, remain firm about it forever. Always have an interest in doing service.

Blessing: May you experience being full of the treasures of knowledge, virtues and powers and thereby full of wealth.

The children who have the treasures of knowledge, virtues and powers remain constantly full, that is, they remain content. For them, there is no name or trace of a lack of attainment. They are ignorant of limited desires and they are bestowers. There is no creation of limited desires or attainments. They can never become beggars who ask for something. Such children who are constantly full and content are said to be full of wealth.

Slogan: Remain constantly absorbed in love and you will not experience anything to be hard work.

The theme of this Murli is clearly not to stop studying under any reason.
Baba gave 2 main reasons fors this to happen:
1)Sulking with the Brahmin teacher at the center, the “in charge.”
2)Being trapped in the name and form on one another: falling in love, sex-lust, etc.

In the first point, it was pointed out that we “cross out” our own fortune if we stop studying due to a difference of opinion.
In my experience this one has been a hard experience to overcome. Some may think that the churning shared here will be accepted by most Brahmins. That is not so. There is a preference of devotion which is shared by a typical Brahmin in their views. Obviously a different view where devotion is not used, will be mostly rejected even though the points are very reasonable. When something is reasonable it has support within the framework of gyan. However, we need to understand the concept of “numberwise” completely.

My lesson was to accept the opinions of others. It is ego to think that this particular churning is the “right churning.” I cannot do anything about how others feel about these sharings, but I can be open and accept their opinions, churnings, ideas as valid for them. Here is where today’s blessing comes helpful: “The children who have the treasures of knowledge, virtues and powers remain constantly full, that is, they remain content”

In this knowledge there is the “fight” between intellectual Brahmins and devotional ones. Usually, if you are more intellectual you will be “gone” sooner or later unless there is a deep acceptance of other opinions. At the end, it is about conquering that ego. This is something which more intellectual Brahmins need to understand…paradoxically, for their understanding is usually greater. Nevertheless a balance between intellectual abilities and “bhavna” is needed. The keyword in spirituality as I can see it now, is “balance.”

Devotional Brahmins, have the feelings, the “bhavna,” but their explanations of gyan are usually very childish and very literal, although they may be considered to be “pukka.” This is something to realize about 2 extremes which need to be centered to survive in the gathering.

As far as point #2, there is another division. I was hearing the comments from a sister saying that “according to Baba in this Murli, brothers have more attachments than a sister.” 🙂 Another soul in a male body mentioned that “females are stronger than males.” 🙂

According to gyan, we have all the sanskaras from both genders. There is not a single Brahmin soul at this time, who will not have both sets of sankaras in them. It is just a matter on how much we identify with our current body.

Typically “female” sanskaras (explained as “yin” qualities in Chinese philosophy) are the ones needed at this time to survive and balance out the “yang” qualities of the world. In body consciousness, we have taken that as a “female” is better than a “male.” That is not so. It is almost like believing that the “Ganges” is the purifier. 🙂

The aim is to be like Vishnu. To have both energies balanced in our being. Otherwise, we will be looking for the “opposite” energy. The Murli gives the example of males becoming very friendly with one another. This is a cultural thing. Westerners may not feel identified with that.
Baba also mentions that “kumaris get attached to one another as almost if they were lovers.” Again, this was explained in an article before, where we tend to compensate when our energies are not “Vishnu like,” and we will act with the sanskaras of a couple (which is a Golden age sanskara) in a setting where “brothers are with brothers,” and “sisters with sisters.”

This issue is another of those tests which need to be overcome in order to continue studying. Obviously this will affect more Brahmins who are single.

Below some Murli points to churn:

“He explains to you in the same way every cycle and gives you your inheritance. No one else can give you this knowledge. Baba explains: You mustn’t ever remember bodily beings. The five elements are called evil spirits. Therefore, you mustn’t remember the body made of the five elements.”

The source of this knowledge is obviously “divine” as far as it is something out of the reach of scholars, philosophers and scientists today. It is something totally different. As we get deeper into this knowledge, we will see that attractions to bodily beings diminishes. There is more than a physical body. There is a personality and unfortunately, our personalities have vices in it at this time.

“Baba knows that males have such deep friendship with one another that they become trapped in each other’s name and form. They have so much love for one another that they even forget Shiv Baba. Even two kumaris have so much love for one another that it is as though they are lovers.”

🙂 This is definitely a cultural item. Don’t expect me to hold hands with another brother… 🙂 as I have seen in India as a “normal” practice.
The point, is that the sanskar of a couple will emerge whether it is with someone of the same gender or another gender. Here is where “balance” of male/female energies/sanskaras comes into the picture.

“Maya doesn’t leave them alone because they are opposing God’s directions. Although they take knowledge, their stage continues to fluctuate. The sins that should be burnt through yoga don’t burn.”

Basically we cannot accumulate with one hand and take that away with the other hand.

“You must never stop studying. Although you may not get on with a Brahmin teacher and your heart is distanced, you must definitely continue to study. Continue to give Baba your news. Eventually, Baba will end the difference of opinion.”

This is a very important point to keep in mind. Keep studying. Keep following the code of conduct even if the Brahmin family does not have a good “view” of you. It doesn’t matter.
AT the end, it is between you and the Father. Egos need to dissolve and time is needed with lots of tolerance and patience.

“You mustn’t stop studying under any circumstances. Many fall in this way.”

Typically, some will fall through sex lust or through a difference in opinion.

“If they don’t have it in their fortune, they become engaged in their own business. Some become trapped in the name and form of one another in such a way that it is as though they are lovers. Then, they don’t even remember Mama or Baba. They continue to remember each other. ‘It is Maya who creates all these obstacles. If they don’t have it in their fortune, no matter how much Baba tells them not to speak of wasteful things, they still continue to do so.”

Fortune of being numberwise. On the one hand we can see when someone is going away. On the other hand we should understand that it is a numberwise situation. Typically, when someone goes away all “ties” get cut off. At that point, the soul who is leaving may find out who were truly the ones who care for them in the Brahmin family, as well as who are the ones who have a more mature perspective by accepting things as they are.

“Baba explains that if any of you see that there is disservice taking place due to a particular reason, you should immediately give that news to Baba. Not to the children.”

This is a “shrimat” to keep in mind to avoid disturbances within the Brahmin family.

“Those who have it in their fortune become very strong. Maya is such that even those who were here for six to eight years are no longer here. “

Again, it all depends on our fortune or role. No one “divorces the Father,” they just leave when their time is up according to their number. Numberwise Brahmin.

“Maya pokes you in such a way that she makes you forget Baba. She will try hard to defeat you.”

Any honest effort maker will have this experience.

“You mustn’t stop studying for any reason. There will definitely be obstacles.”

This is the “last try” of father Brahma to keep us in the “game.”

“Others don’t understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has a part.”

Yes. God has a part. The issue is to recognize accurately what is his part and not to humanize “Him.” This is something which devotional individuals have a hard time understanding.


  1. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    In today’s Murli, it was mentioned “tell Baba about it.” In our days when Sakar Baba is not available, that means to go through the “instruments” in charge.

    The procedure is to let the “in-charge” know about the issue. If you are not satisfied, then go one step above, to her “supervisor.”

    Once you have done that, let it go and keep your good wishes and pure feelings with you.

    Best wishes!



  2. BK Mansi

    Dear brother, I also liked too much today’s murli as It is giving so much attention to the brahmins.. In very few murlis, baba uses the word “order” and in today’s murli it was like that. I want to ask here that if we see that some brahmin is not doing right according to shrimat, and the centre in-charge should know as they consider that soul very helping for them in sewa, Shouldn’t we report it to the elders of yagya or SHould we first tell it to baba and wait for the time when baba wants us to say about it?


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