Question: Om Shanti Dear Brother, In the Murli now and then we get the phrase ’16 celestial degrees complete’. Can you throw some light on it? Do we need to work out on each of the sixteen or will they come automatically as we focus on becoming soul consciousness stage?

16 celestial

Thank you for your question!
If you type in the “search” box of this blog “16 celestial degrees” (as shown in the picture) you will obtain all the articles where this term was discussed.
Here is one of them: Basically those are “virtues.” The number 16 was chosen for a full moon has that number of celestial degrees according to Sakar Murlis. (Sakaar Murli -Jun 16, 2011)

“You now become sixteen celestial degrees full by listening to the true story. The moon is said to be sixteen celestial degrees full. This is not said of the sun. You souls understand that you will become full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full in the future. Then, after half the cycle, you will have alloy mixed into you. You now understand that you are once again becoming full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full deities once again.”

Then someone immediately put on paper the “16 virtues,” so everyone could check if they have it or not .. 🙂 and with that came other versions…. As you mentioned, all we need to care about is to become soul conscious, the rest comes automatically in it.

Best wishes!

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