Question: U have mentioned that we should balance opposite(male and female) energies in ourselves.How to achieve that? Through yoga only ?

Thank you for your question.

Yoga is necessary but to take up activities which are considered “typical” from the opposite gender are needed for balance while in the consciousness of the body.
i.e: streght training is considered male. A female should consider that. Flexibility is considered “female,” a male should consider that.

Writing poetry, singing and dancing are considered female activities. A male could take any of those… That is the idea.
Being in Nature and developing higher feelings through the appreciation of its beauty is another way to balance your energies. Also, to feel those sanskaras in you. If you are in a male body, feel those sanskaras which are feminine, because through knowledge we know that we have been both genders throughout the cycle. If you are in a female body, feel the opposite sanskaras and let them “emerge.”

Here, I have written some articles on this:

Best wishes!

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