Choosing to Be Free by BK Neha – India

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“Choosing to Be Free” is what is most needed by the youth of modern time. But, are the youth aware of their freedom? What exactly does the real freedom mean and how does being spiritual help us to be free?

Freedom is the most over-used and often miss-used term by youth. For them, freedom means to “do” whatever one wants to or to remain fully free from relationships and workload. But, do we really call this a state of freedom, in a real sense? We really need to look deeper in it to explore the true freedom.

Freedom is not something out-wards or in doing, freedom is the state of being or consciousness. To understand it fully, we need to dive deep into self and introspect that are we truly free? Freedom has nothing to do with “doing”. It is rather a state of being, a shift in our consciousness, not in outside situation. Very often, we heard today’s youth complaining about their work or job, so they often heard saying, “Quit the job, or we do not feel free or comfortable in a particular relationship, so let me get off this relation to feel free”. Is this a freedom or slavery to our own mind or outer influences that are dragging us and dictating our choices in our lives.

In contrary, true freedom is a state of being, where we feel free to think or feel whatever we want to, irrespective of outer situation or circumstance. My moods or feelings are not generated by something external, but I am the master or creator of my feelings and thoughts. It is the state when I feel free from all external influences, dependencies and emotional bondages, that’s when we experience the true freedom in our lives. Who really curb our freedom? Our bosses, spouses or parents….No one or nothing in the world can curb our freedom.

It is only “I” who restrict “my” own freedom, due to our fatal belief system and limited behavior patterns. Our freedom is not curbed by outer person or a difficult situation, but our limited reaction to those outer triggers, is what makes us feel that we are being trapped by this person or under so & so situation. We, actually carry with us, what is called as “portable prison” thinking or feeling imprisoned by this or that situation or person. We often become victims, whose remote control is in other’s hands and whenever others “press our buttons” we feel trapped and dependent. But, if we look closely, by being fully aware of our inner state of conscious, we’ll realize that we are free to choose what we want to and how we want to feel in a particular situation.

Next question arises that how to achieve that state of being, that unrestricted freedom? It comes with the attitude that, “I am responsible for everything I feel and experience. No body or nothing can curb my freedom or happiness. I am free.”

This happens when we have a strong and firm inner foundation and kind and polite outward attitude. But, unfortunately, we often see today’s youth in exactly the opposite state. They are hard and firm in their outer interactions and weak and helpless inside. The simplest way of becoming free is by being honest with the self. Honesty or truth, here holds a much deeper meaning, it means when I am fully aware of my every thought, attitude, vision and choosing it in that light of awareness.

The 5-easy steps to ensure our freedom in every situation are:

1.Acknowledge: Be aware of your feelings or mood swings by acknowledging them that they are there.

2. Accept: Taking full responsibility of those feelings or thoughts and not putting the finger outside.

3. Understand: This is the stage when I start using our wisdom through our intellect. We need to analyze and understand that why do I feel those emotions. What is the particular belief behind those emotions?

4.Transform: Now, once aware of our deep-rooted belief behind our emotions, we need to change and replace them with truth. Now, this is the stage where we need the power of spirituality or inner strength.

5.Apply: The final step is to apply the change into your practical life. Once, we start applying the truth into our daily practical life, we’ll start feelings that our outer dependency and influences has no more power on our inner state and we start to shift the power from outer to inner.

Now, it is my inner state that rules and dictates my outer world, and that is what is actual freedom, to “be” really free.


  1. avyakt7

    Thank you for your kind words, Lauren and for sharing your realizations! I am sure those are valuable for many readers of this blog and for Avyakt7 as well…
    All the best! 🙂


  2. Lauren Turner

    Thanks so much for this.
    Super insight, with super method for making it possible/practical.

    I have learned a lot from your blog Br Luis, from yourself and the many contributors, such as author above. It’s been a great help. Back when it was the bkgyan site as well, I was only abt a year or so in gyan when I came across it. And it was a great deal of help then too.
    I continue to find some answers to some questions that often aren’t really discussed in the centers per se..

    Deep, deep thanks, from the heart, for all your service my very dear brothers and sisters.

    I just wanted to share the below, some latest thoughts
    Om shanti

    An admitted perfectionist, I got a chuckle one time listening to a senior’s class from Madhuban (cannot recall which teacher.) She asked the audience who all is a perfectionist?

    slowly…, every single hand went up.
    And she laughed so kindly, with everyone joining in..
    as she went on to explain, it’s bc we are that… Baba has chosen each and every one of us.
    And it’s because we :will: become perfect again.
    The irony is, ‘perfectionism’ has no place in the quest toward our karmateet stage.. One needs the humility to acknowledge, admit the weaknesses, mistakes, and simply be ok with it. Then there’s the space for change to happen.
    Suppression can result.
    To go from suppression to surrender…. Complete honesty is needed for complete surrender.

    It’s needed in order to recognize what sanskars (as false as you are aware they are) still hold a pull…

    Separating the truth from the illusion, that power to discern.
    It’s within me these ‘opposing’ forces at times.
    With this discernment, I can now ‘side’ with truth -in action. :Choose: a thought (anything Baba has taught me! Any point, this is all a part of remembrance.) Anything that I know to be truth, when other sanskars of say, heaviness, are there, trying to prevent that very thing.

    There has to be the detachment that allows u to see the difference.
    Allows u to step back enough and see what’s really happening.
    I am finding it is only :through: a ‘lousy’ experience/feeling, that one gets to the other side; meaning gets to a perspective far enough away from what is seeming real at the time.

    Not :not: having a feeling, or not wanting to acknowledge ‘negativity’ bc u know u r supposed to remain constantly happy. This has led to suppression, in my case. this is that faulty perfectionism. It leads to that whole ‘being one way outwardly, yet another inside.’
    No harmony.

    It takes mistakes, honesty, & determination to pick self back up afterward, for the changes to come…
    This is courage.
    This is one of my interpretations of having an honest heart. With an honest heart, honest words & actions can follow.
    Heaviness lifts.


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