Comments on Sakar Murli- December 13, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, Yogeshwar, the Father, has come to teach you Raja Yoga. It is only with this yoga
that you will become conquerors of sin and then become world emperors and empresses in the future.

Question: What promise must you remember in order to be saved from sin?
Answer: Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. Have true spiritual love for the one Father. If you remember
this promise you won’t perform sinful actions. Maya makes you body conscious and makes you perform
wrong actions. Baba is the Master. Remember Him and battle with full force against Maya and you
won’t be defeated.

Question:What hope does the Father have for His children?
Answer:Just as a physical father wants to give his children a high education, in the same way, the unlimited Father says: I want to make My children into angels of heaven. If you children just follow My shrimat you can become elevated.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune…

Essence for dharna:

1. Be very careful that no evil spirit enters you. Never become confused by the storms of Maya. Remove bad habits.

2. Keep your chart of remembrance. Together with that, become a spiritual server and give souls an injection of knowledge.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and be free from worry by remaining constantly carefree on the basis of thinking about God.

People of the world have worries at every step whereas you children have thoughts of God in your every thought. This is why you are carefree. Karavanhar is making you do everything and you are the
ones who do it as instruments. You have everyone’s finger of co-operation and every task is therefore easy and successful. Everything is moving along fine and it has to be fine. The One who inspires you is making you do it and you simply have to be an instrument and use your body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way. This is the stage of being carefree and free from worry.

Slogan: In order to experience constant contentment, continue to take blessings from everyone.

In this Murli Baba takes the topic of the inheritance one more time. Then, Baba mentions that rembrance of the Father is the “only” method to become karmateet and leave this land. Since the destination is to obtain an inheritance, there will be many obstacles known as “Maya” in the process. This is what makes this path not as easy as just doing devotion, praising God, and dressing in white.

This path is about “emerging” “new” sanskaras and submerging the “old ones.” In Baba’s words today, it is to “fight Maya with all of our strength.”

Many “children” take those words which are meant to encourage us so we can continue in this path; literally.
Who are you fighting against? Isn’t that you against you? Is that possible? 🙂
If a “sinful” thought emerge; will you “punish you”? 🙂 Can you avoid thinking those thoughts?
Here is where understanding has much greater power than cheer “strength” of determination. Those “sinful” thoughts are coming as a reaction because we are changing our “old life style.” As long as we do not have enough yoga and/or enough experience of the soul, we will have those thoughts (hopefully diminishing as time goes by) for there will be times when something will trigger “old sanskaras” into the surface. Nothing goes away. The “good and the bad” are all in us.

Therefore, as the experience of soul consciousness increases, the “good” sanskaras emerge and will overcome the “old ones.” Simple math.

Hopefully, rather than inflicting self punishment when having a bad thought and feeling “bad about yourself,” we will realize that we need to have more yoga. That is all.
As Baba mentioned, the important aspect is not to give those thoughts life, so they become actions, for here is where greater suffering and karmic accounts will appear. A thought is telling us where our consciousness is. From that point we can “do something about it,” or let entropy take over us and start degrading again, That is “our choice.”

Also note that in this Murli, one of the most important points is to make sure the children understand who is the “true” God. That is why, there is so much praise about God Shiva, so it can take away the “old thoughts” of Krishna as the “God of the Gita.”

Murli points to churn:
“You children know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is once again teaching you Raja Yoga as He did in the previous cycle.”
He is teaching because we have that knowledge in our role already in a numberwise fashion. Paradox.

“It is Shiv Baba who is teaching us and He is also called Yogeshwar. People call Krishna Yogeshwar by mistake. Krishna is the prince of the golden age. There is no question of yoga there. This is a very good point. Learn the art of explaining to others. You have to explain tactfully. Everything for you depends on yoga. The more you stay in yoga, the more you will become a conqueror of sin.”
Baba wanted to make sure that the “children” understood who was the “real God” of the Gita. Evidently, this issue does not occur when a Brahmin soul comes from another religion other than “Hindu” religion and it is understood, because Hinduism is the Copper and Iron Age version of the Original Eternal Deity Religion.
However, explaining tactfully” requires at this time the ability to put this knowledge in a “standard” way where Gyan could be assimilated by others (specially westerners) without the devotional “features,” and more emphasizing the beauty of gyan being able to explain all sorts of questions which humanity has been asking for ages. This knowledge is able to do that and even something more important than demonstrating who is the “true” God from my perspective and that is, the experience of soul consciousness, which no other religion nor philosophy teaches. In that experience, every individual will know about God.

“You take a dip in the Ocean of Knowledge and change from human beings into angels of heaven. This is the Mansarovar (lake that changes human beings into angels). It is said that by bathing in it human beings become angels.”
This is the “praise of knowledge,” gyan. That is what makes this divine knowledge unique. The ability to transform human beings into deities.

“You say that you are studying Raja Yoga through which you will become emperors and empresses in the future. However, you will only become that if you follow shrimat well. Don’t think that those who become subjects will-also be called angels; no. You have to imbibe divine virtues by following shrimat.”
“This Father also says: I will make you into the angels of heaven. To the extent that you follow shrimat.”

This is a very good point to remember. Because you are a Brahmin soul it does not mean that automatically you will become an angel. As Baba mentions here, if you are part of the royal family; that is because you were an angel.

“The wealthy don’t have time to listen to this. Only the poor have time. No one else has as much time as you do. Those people who have a lot of problems are unable to have yoga.”

This is a generalization. This is one of the reasons that many BKs feel that being “poor” is better. Many BKs are coming from wealthy families and as a matter of fact, that was a support for service to increase.
That is why, we need to take things in context. Back then, wealthy individuals didn’t want to give up their things to be a renunciate as there are many in India from different religions.
“For where is Baba teaching you Raja Yoga? For the future new world. He teaches it at the confluence age.”
Note that this is a change from avyakt Murlis. In Sakar times everything was for the future. In Avyakt Murlis, the present, the “now,” through spiritual attainments is important.

“The Father says: Remember Me and become the masters of the pure world. There is no other method.”
That remembrance will change according to experiences and time. Even though there is the “only method” we see that avyakt Murlis constantly give us different perspectives about it: The point, the avyakt, the spinner of the discus, the heart to heart conversation, the soul conscious state, etc.

“You also need good manners. We are becoming 16 celestial degrees full. Your food and drink should be pure. Some imbibe this quickly.”
Good manners are within us. In the meantime, if we cannot emerge them, we could learn from others. (seeing virtues.) Note that Baba mentions about “pure drink.” The understanding of this point, is numberwise.

“Whatever you children do at this time becomes a memorial on the path of devotion.”
As we know, we are the ones who started devotion, therefore; we are also the ones who started those memorials.

“Even if you make the trees of a forest into pens and the ocean into ink, this knowledge will not end; it will continue till the end.”
This knowledge has so many points in it. So much depth and so many ways that we can explain it. Even writing articles for year is barely touching the shores of it.

“It is right to say that it just takes a second. When you know the Father, the inheritance from Him is liberation-in-life.”
That “second” means destruction or transformation from something that was into something “new.” That is “Shankar.”

“You have to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. You are Godly helpers. You are spiritual servers. You are standing on the battlefield. Baba, the Master, is also standing with you. He says: Fight Maya with full force so that these five vices don’t interfere. Some write: Baba, an evil spirit came. Baba says: Continue to chase away those evil spirits. They will continue to come till the end and they will bring very powerful storms. Storms that you never had on the path of ignorance will also come. You would say that you were in the stage of retirement and never had such thoughts but that, after coming into knowledge, there was the intoxication of lust. You also have such dreams. What is this? This is wonderful knowledge. Some become confused and leave it. Baba tells you that many storms will come. The stronger you become, the more Maya will make you fall, and this is why you have to become mahavirs and become stable. Stay in remembrance of Baba. You mustn’t put them into practice. By putting those thoughts into practice, you commit sin.”
This is a good point to remember. See that the emphasis is on an “internal battle.” This is one way to take it. In my experience it is about seeing the “weak sides” of the self, understand why are they there according to knowledge and work on soul consciousness so those things could be “submerged.” It is very important to know that we cannot “remove” anything, for our role is eternal; therefore. Those weaknesses are not “bad” but they merely signify the most degraded side of our stronger virtues. This is to understand duality in the self-according to time.

“Explain to anyone who comes that it was the Father who taught Raja Yoga and yet the name of the child was mentioned. Secondly, also prove that Krishna is not God at all. The God of the Gita is Shiva from whom we receive the inheritance of heaven. “
In Sakar days that was the theme. That was the objective, for people to understand who is “God.” For us, is about “showing the Father practically,” through our soul conscious stage. No more talk is needed according to time.

“It is good to write a chart of how long you stay in remembrance of Baba.Keep your chart and you will continue to make progress.”
The chart is a tool to check and change our behavior and remembrance.

“People of the world have worries at every step whereas you children have thoughts of God in your every thought. This is why you are carefree.”
I like the explanation of what is to be “care free” in the blessing.

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