Question: Dear brother, I want you to know that your service is benefiting us greatly. By reading your posts regularly we have developed a better or more accurate understanding of gyan and baba.Your efforts are really appreciative. My question is, often in the Murlis baba uses sentences like”100 fold punishment” and “if you do not be pure then you will have to suffer a lot”. But we all know that God is “ocean of love,kindness”.I dont understand why he has to use the tool of “fear” to transform us rather than making us understand its real importance.Fear will take us away from him no rather bringing closer?Is this really “Shiv baba” or Brahma baba’s devotional sanskaras which come into play in Murlis ?Please clarify. Thankyou.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul, I appreciate your kind words and I am glad to know that there is benefit in these sharings.
Let me explain myself fully.

Spiritual teachings are according to time. An intellect which is childlike will move if there is the element of fear in it. A child like intellect is not necessarily an uneducated, young intellect, but it is an intellect which has been “brainwashed” by society and their traditions and belief systems. In that category we see that even well known “erudites, scientists, philosophers, “ etc belong to.

Religions have been able to dominate their “people” through fear. Fear of not getting to heaven, fear of being punished by eternal hell, fear of disgracing their families in this life and the after life.

Back in the Sakar days, we find extremely devotional minds. The only way on Earth those souls could have become Brahmins is by an experience like trance or something outrageously different. Those souls wouldn’t be able to understand knowledge as we can do that now. They wouldn’t be able to join “God” just because they realized the truth behind gyan. Even now; this is rare.
And why we can do this now and not before? Because we have learned about the different civilizations, different ways of doing things in the world through communication. So we can see that Hindus do not believe in eternal hell and still have a pretty good life, and we are able to “challenge” or think about our own traditions and laws.

If a woman in India wants to throw herself into the burial of her husband, she may do so if she thinks that this is the only way. If on the other hand, she has the experience of other civilizations and see that rather than committing suicide, she can re-marry instead, then she has a different view.
As you mentioned God is beyond fear. He is love. In love there is no fear.

It is very possible as you mentioned that Brahma Baba had those sanskars based on his religious beliefs of the past. Also, it is possible that he wanted to make sure that the children wouldn’t leave the study and somehow used this tool of fear and guilt to shape them up, or it could be something else like “translations,” “revisions,” “avoidance of waste thoughts,” etc, etc. which are “unknown variables.”

The issue is that once a religion is created, followers are needed. It is important to keep them in the “loop.” However, the spirituality of those teachings are usually forgotten. In Brahmin life, it is about being soul conscious. That is it. The rest are supports or “training wheels,” while we grow up. We need to become strong by getting rid of all those supports little by little.
This is something usual with all religions. Then you have people “against religions,” two extremes. Those against religions are incapable of seeing the spiritual teachings as well and it is more convenient for them to reject everything religious.

The reason why I can express myself in this way, is because I have experienced that and also, because I do not have an “agenda.” I am not sharing this so you can join a religion. I am just concerned with the truth behind this wonderful knowledge-Gyan- and I just want to share what I have found. I am not protecting a religious “dogma” neither I have to worry about not being part of the hierarchy. No agenda at all.

Then perhaps, we can see things with different lenses and understand God as love, pristine, unconditional, everlasting. No fear is allowed there.

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