Question: Divine brother We know that 84 births are recorded in the soul where is recorded the history and geography of nature moon sky surroundings Can it be in Baba’s soul?

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul, what you are asking will have many implications if we churn it.
Bear with me.
We are talking about 3 different aspects… which is only One. (Paradox)

The soul has its part “recorded.” Meaning that a soul will “act” in the Drama with that part. We could make the difference between the Drama and the soul’s part; but really they are the same. The role is the Drama.

Souls perceive (experience) something according to their roles. The Drama, the scenery (geography) which is matter; changes in synchronicity with the roles being played at the time. “History” is nothing else but the conjunction of several roles at a particular time. Therefore, roles, nature and history are a unity, which we perceive as 3 different things.
In short, nature (matter or geography) and history (roles being played) are a unity. We cannot separate them. A role is nothing without geography and history. See?
Matter changes by itself because it is self sustaining and roles change accordingly. That is Drama- A soul perceives those changes as experiences.

Your last item; “Baba’s soul.”
Baba is beyond experience. That means that there is no role in Him, for the role is the one who “gives” us the “experience” of having an experience. Since Baba is beyond experience, He cannot have a role.

Best wishes!

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