Question: have a question about how to behave when I donot want to do it but am forced by the other person do it. I can avoid if it is an outsider but what if my mother-in-law. This is not a single time but several times or almost everyday. One more thing is she does not trust me in even a single thing from whatever I do or whatever I talk. Upon which I am being blamed for everything which I never did or have an intension of doing. This has been the same since 12 years and had not seen any change however good may I be instead it worsened. The relationship is not harmonious but for the work to be done she demands which I do not like. I suffer doing unwillingly. So how do I react when I am asked to do.

Thank you for your question!
The name that you used appears to be of a female from Indian background, however; your residence appears to be in Australia. (Through your IP Address) I will reply based on that information.

I would suggest to speak with your husband about it. How do you feel, etc. Tell him what you would like to happen. Even though I understand the concept of “extended family” for it is very Spanish as well, I do not understand how “in-laws” could continue to think that their sons or daughters are still little children under their jurisdiction.

What you are describing is an issue when you have some dependency on others. As long as there is any sort of dependency from your part, things will be this way. I hope your husband has a “say so” in this; otherwise, if he is just a “mama’s boy,” then you didn’t get married with an adult but with a “child.”

If you could earn a living that will give you some freedom, as long as you are willing to speak up and defend that this is important for you.
This is as much as I could say about the situation you described.

Best wishes!

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  1. svatini

    Short but very clear and strong recommendation or suggestion. Financial independence not only brings freedom but also improves confidence level to speak up and take a stand against an abusive relationship.


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