Comments on Sakar Murli – December 14, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, there is no need for sound in this study. Here, the Father has given you just one mantra: Children, remain quiet and remember Me.

Question: What are the signs of children who have Godly intoxication?
Answer: 1) The behaviour of the children who have Godly intoxication is very royal.
2) They speak very little. 3) They only let jewels emerge from their mouth. Generally, royal people also speak very little. You are God’s children and you should therefore remain royal.

Essence for dharna:

1. Keep yourself constantly refreshed. Only let jewels emerge through your lips.
If you ever become sad, listen to the songs that Baba has had made.

2. Practise being soul conscious. Stay in remembrance and make effort to remove the alloy.

Blessing: May you be free from all bondages and experience liberation and liberation-in-life through the treasures of knowledge.

The treasure of the jewels of knowledge is the most elevated treasure. With this treasure, you can experience liberation and liberation-in-life at this time. A knowledgeable soul is one who finishes all reasons for sorrow and peacelessness, cuts away the strings of many bondages and experiences liberation and liberation-in-life. To remain constantly free from waste and sinful thoughts and sinful actions is the stage of liberation and liberation-in-life.

Slogan: A world transformer is one who transforms the atmosphere with his powerful attitude.

In this Murli, Baba explains different aspects about the Supreme soul. The Supreme soul is incorporeal. The Supreme soul is not omnipresent (meaning that “He” has a name and form.)
The word “omnipresent” means that “He is present everywhere at the same time. “ Technically, this is correct, for his presence is known where there is a devotee or a Raja yogi connecting to the Supreme or imploring Him. However, God is not on everything existing, which is “pantheism.” This makes perfect sense for Baba usually notes that God has a name and form. Having a name and form does not affect the fact that He could be omnipresent. Take Brahma Baba on his subtle body, He does not have the limitations of time and location. However, we cannot say that Brahma Baba is in everything existing. See the difference?
It appears to me that the right word to use is that God is not in everything (pantheism.) because He has a name and form.
Please consider this change for the sake of accuracy.
Baba also explained about the need to practice being in silence; Baba mentions that “royal people speak very little,” and Baba is not into playing music but, he mentions that some songs could bring remembrance of Baba. Certainly this is a more sentimental, “feely” of God as the “beloved.” When there is soul consciousness there is no need of external music to move our feelings. That would be like relying on the “external” to achieve the “internal.” However, we are numberwise for that reason, we cannot say that listening to music in meditation is “good or bad,” it is just what it is, listening to music.

Below some points to churn:

“There is only one unlimited Father and He has come from the supreme abode. Everyone calls out to that incorporeal One. He is called God.”
That is the traditional name for the Supreme Soul, “God” given by main religions. Note that in this Murli Baba is not using “Shiva,” but other names to refer to God.
“God, who lives in the supreme abode, is the Father .of all souls.”
This is the typical relationship based on the consciousness of the body. A Father, a creator and His children, the creation.

“The Father explains that He comes every cycle at the confluence age, not in every age.”
As we know the “confluence age” between the Iron age and the Golden age exists only for Brahmin souls. Note that the terminology of “Golden, Silver, Copper, Iron” are terms which denote a difference in quality. In other words, there is more “value” associated with the Goldenage than the Iron age for the name implies that Gold is more desirable than Iron. When we go into the unlimited, we could see that those labels are merely names, which could be known as :Yellow age, white age, red age and blue age. When we use labels which do not have an intrinsic value in them we can explain Gyan in an unlimited way for those who do not belong to the Golden age, will not feel that “they are missing something” for in reality they are not. Numberwise.

“However, it is not possible to receive peace of mind here. Sannyasis go away to the forests for peace. They don’t know that we souls can only receive peace in our incorporeal world.”
“It is the soul that speaks. The soul lives in the land of peace. It is there that the soul will receive peace.”
Note that in avyakt Murlis the emphasis is to be the embodiment of those virtues which the soul has already. We are peace.

“When they say that He is beyond name and form, how could He be omnipresent? A soul definitely has a form. No one can say that a soul is beyond name and form. It is said that a wonderful star sparkles in the centre of the forehead.”
🙂 To be omnipresent you need a name and form.

“Through the pictures, all the secrets of the drama have been explained to you children. This knowledge is such that you can even explain it without using pictures. People don’t know anything about God.”
We can explain this knowledge in a variety of ways. We just need to be open and understand it first.

“You have to divide the cycle into the four ages, into four parts. You have to divide the cycle into half and half: half the cycle is the new world and half the cycle is the old world. It isn’t that the new world is of a longer duration.” “For the first 1250 years it is the golden age. After 625 years it is reduced by one degree because it is the stage of descent.”
Note that this “division” is made exclusively to explain the cycle of time. However, we cannot divide something which degrades slowly second by second. As a matter of fact, The only time who has been disclosed as a “division” is when the Silver age started. It is mentioned that it started in the coronation of Rama and Sita. But, at the same time according to the above explanation, “degrees” have not been reduced yet, until after 625 years into the Silver age. 🙂
Obviously, this explanation is not completely accurate for “degradation” (entropy) occurs slowly and occurs in a numberwise manner as well.

“You know that the Father, the Resident of the faraway land, has come into the impure world. The lands of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are not said to be faraway lands. The faraway land is the land of Shiv Baba and souls.”
In both “lands” there is no time. How can we say that one land is farthest away than the other? It is obviously an explanation so the children could see a difference and see how God comes from “far away” just to save the children from the claws of Maya… 🙂

“First, there is the incorporeal world, then the subtle world and then the corporeal world. First, souls of the deity religion come down from the incorporeal world. First, there was the sun-dynasty clan here, and then souls of the moon-dynasty came down. When the sun dynasty exists, the moon dynasty doesn’t. When the moon dynasty exists, it would be said that the sun dynasty existed in the past. In the silver age it would be said that the part of Lakshmi and Narayan has become the past. However, they wouldn’t say that they will once again become merchants and shudras; no.”
This explanation clearly show us the cycle of time. Note that the explanations about the past and future need to be disclosed, for in the cycle of time, past and future are referential points only. Also, Deities are not aware of the future nor the past is relevant for they are soul conscious.

“Otherwise, there will be punishment and then you will go to the silver age.”
Very important line. That little word “punishment” gets thrown out loosely, when the right word is “settlement.” Otherwise, it is very unfair for a Brahmin soul to get “punishment” of going to the silver age, while a non-brahmin soul, gets “punishment” of going to the Copper and Iron ages. Obviously this is something which needs to be revised in Gyan so it could be explained in a more global way without getting into explaining gyan to suit Brahmin souls only.

“You can give this knowledge to people of any religion. The unlimited Father says: Remember Allah!”
In order to do that, we need to change the way it is explained as per explanation above. Note that Baba is using the name “Allah” now instead of “Shiva.” This shows the cultural influence in selecting the “real name of God.”

“A knowledgeable soul is one who finishes all reasons for sorrow and peacelessness, cuts away the strings of many bondages and experiences liberation and liberation-in-life. To remain constantly free from waste and sinful thoughts and sinful actions is the stage of liberation and liberation-in-life.”
Note this definition of “liberation and liberation in life,” in this life and how the same phrase is used in a Sakar Murli. This is one of those differences which we need to understand. I liked this blessing very much.

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